Day Date Foodie Review: Mannion & Co in York

8 Aug 2016

I haven't done a foodie type review in such a long time despite me being such a greedy guts and eating out practically every night (that happens when you live in the city) but finally I have my act together! My boyfriend and I finally have some time off together so we decided to head out for breakfast to our favourite spot in the city, a cute rustic/chic cafe tucked away near the Minster called Mannion & Co!

Earlier this year we would visit Mannion & Co practically every morning we had together as it's only round the corner from where we live, but with trying to save some form of money for other things we've been neglecting the cafe and finally decided it would be a nice treat to visit again! The cafe is always filled with people as it is quite a small squeeze but the cafe makes it work, everyone always seeming incredibly happy as they tuck into their cake and tea! The staff themselves seem to really enjoy their job and as someone who also works in hospitality, is key so customers always feel like it's a fun atmosphere. Every time we've been there has always been a 5 to 10 minute wait for a table, but with York being such a busy (filled with tourists) city it's to be expected with quite a popular little place.  

As you walk into the cafe you're welcomed to their selection of cakes, meat, cheese and drinks which straight away has me almost drooling because I am a sucker for cake. They all look beautiful and are available on the cakes/afternoon tea selection menu! This is also where the staff make drinks and you pay the bill, so it's lovely to see interaction with happy customers and to smell coffee being brewed! I noticed the huge selection of tea flavors which are kept above the coffee station, if you love tea as much as I do you'll be amazed! I want to try them all, so far only getting through two.

With it being such a lovely day the waitress who greeted us also informed us that they had available seating outside, which is a beautiful small court yard with tables, umbrellas to keep it shaded and lovely plants and chic decor. The furniture has that rustic/vintage charm which I feel is really warming and inviting, especially when I know some people don't particularly like sitting outside whilst they eat. I honestly think I would sit on the floor to eat food from Mannion & Co, so a cute little outside area is great! Straight away we were served by the waitress who brought us through, we went for just a couple of cokes and our usual food order as it's too good to pass up! I also throw around the idea of getting afternoon tea or go for a selection on their sandwich board, but we decided in the end to go with what we love!

I went for my beloved Eggs Benedict and Joel opted for the Yorkshire Rarebit, both absolutely beautiful and had my eyes popping out my head at how yummy it looks! I think Mannion & Co really stick to an outlook they want on their cafe as even their plates and cups match the rustic chic look which is their brand! Eggs Benedict (I'm actually getting hungry whilst I describe it) is poached eggs on ham, Mannion & Co's home made bread and home made Hollandaise sauce, which is such a game changer as the taste is so fresh! You hadn't had Eggs Benedict until you've had one with fresh home made sauce. Joel's Yorkshire Rarebit was Grilled cheese, bacon, on their home made bread, simple but absolutely lovely! 

Such a good light meal for breakfast which is also filling, and the bill only came to around £25 which for two people is amazing. If you're in the mood for cafe with meet/cheese platters and such a large selection of home made items I would definitely check out Mannion & Co on your travels to York! Have you been before? let me know what you think! It's definitely both mine and Joel's favourite place to grab breakfast.

Until next time guys,