My Current Favourite Things in August!

28 Aug 2016

I absolutely loved writing my last current favourites post, getting all the items together to photograph was fun enough, I'm really into flat lays and now I have a new coffee table it makes for the perfect space! This August I've TRIED to stick to a budget, a no spending ban probably being no good as I'm just not firm enough with myself when it comes to things that I want. Is that bad?
I've been feeling so guilty lately when buying anything, I have enough each week for rent, leaving me with a decent amount for food and to save, but instead of saving...well, you saw my post on the Nyx Liquid suedes. I feel so bad for not saving any money at the end of each week, despite me just paying for a short get away with my boyfriend, I still feel crap. I've never been good at saving money, and now that I've moved in with Joel I'm constantly worrying about money. When talking to others about my worries, they've all said 'it's your own money, you can spend it how you like' but even though I know this, I know that my spare money can either be saved or spent and I've chosen the latter because it's my own money which I can use how I like, I still having  twisting feeling in my stomach. I feel that I have nothing to show this month but my bank withdrawals would say otherwise, so the items I have to show you this month are pretty much all that I have purchased! It still doesn't make me feel better because I still have nothing saved, but with writing this maybe I'll do better saving next month! maybe...

I want to start my favourites off with the newest item to have come into my life, and it's the Olymea perfume by Paco Rabanne! My Mum just recently got back from her holidays and gifted me with this scent from the gods, I have to say it's my new go to perfume! It's floral, quite sweet and lingers which is what I want in a perfume. I like to be able to still smell a perfume on me hours later which sometimes isn't the case, but Olymea still stays strong all day! I haven't opened myself up to a new perfume in years so I'm ecstatic to like this one so much.

On the subject of products I put onto my skin, another product I am loving this month is of course by one of my favourite brands, Lush (of course how could I not). The Greeench Deodorant Powder came with the men's Lush box I bought in Spring, but it's only now that I've thought to use it as with it being a powder, it's perfect for summer! Sometimes using a spray or roll on doesn't quite refresh me, but the texture of The Greeench is just like talc so I feel like it stops my under arms from becoming sticky. A little goes a long way too!

On to makeup, I repurchased a couple of products I was incredibly impressed with and of course they're by Nyx! I've never worn more comfortable makeup and the brand is so cheap, the first product I bought again is the HD Concealer, which hands down is the best coverage I've ever had from a concealer. I did go for the lightest shade so that I could use it to also brighten under my eyes, it's a product by Nyx I'll suggest to anyone who loves to use concealer for a subtle highlight.

Two other products by Nyx I indulged in were the Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks (post here) and an eyebrow pencil in black! I've raved about the Suedes for weeks now, shared the colourful shades I went for but ultimately my favourite definitely has to be Sandstorm which is a nude! Of course the nude would be my favourite, I feel like I could write a post focusing on my nude collection. Not only are they buttery but the finish lasts for hours! 

A new product to my collection is the Supercat eyeliner by Soap & Glory, and I have to say it's by far one of the best eye liners I've ever used! I had heard so many good things from friends on this product so I had to purchase it for myself and I was pleasantly surprised to find it was quite cheap! The product hasn't dried out which I found with others (sorry Nyx) and even more importantly it's so black that it instantly makes my eyes stand out. I've always worn eyeliner since being a teenager, so to have such a good product as a comfort go to is great. 

Fashion wise, I have TRIED to contain myself for the sake of my bank balance. I was sent a number of fabulous pieces by brand PR's which are absolutely lovely, my other great finds coming from H&M! Always a go to shop for on trend fashion which of course is at great prices, my favourite piece actually came from the mens section and it's  this long Nirvana t-shirt! I'm mad for Nirvana, Kurt Cobain and I weren't meant to be because that Man had one great voice. Nirvana were one of the first bands I ever got into and probably one of my first CD's, so I had to purchase this. I plan to dress it with grungy checkered pieces and black skirts! 
The second is from one of my favourite independent brands, sent to me by the lovely ladies over at Dahlia*! It combines two awesome features, being off the shoulder and lace! 

I could continue for hours upon all the other favourites I found this month, films and programs I've gotten attached to, brands or artists I've come across who have stolen my heart! But I shall leave that for my monthly favourites over on my youtube channel!

What are your favourite products this month? 

Until next time guys, thankyou!

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