Outfit Of The Day: The First Maxi Dress Of The Year FEAT Zaful

7 Aug 2016

Earlier this week I introduced a brand to my blog called ZAFUL*, an affordable and on trend online store which I have fallen in love with so much. I spoke about my love for their floaty dresses and now I want to coo over another style of dress which is still quite floaty; the maxi dress!

A couple of years ago I went mental for the maxi dress as not only do I think long black ones are down right witchy, but they're comfortable as hell. My favourites have to be the slightly tight ones that then flow down from the waist as it suits my body type so much. With how I style them I can wear them in both summer and winter, my really tall both boots encouraging that darker style I love. Wearing them all to death my maxi dresses all got tatty so I've been on the hunt for a new one ever since and here is where Zaful came to save the day! This floral maxi dress* whilst not only being so cheap was incredibly different than the basic black long dresses I usually go for, so I thought why not be a little daring and see how I could style this baby! I saw that the model had on a brown string necklace but actually it is attached to the dress, this feature tying the dress to your neckline and creating the open slit shape that you get at the front of the dress. Yes the sleeves are quite baggy but I think this goes with the loose/floaty style the dress creates. It's meant to be over sized and because I'm a short arse it does touch the floor, but a nice thin belt sorts things out. 

I really wanted to dress this piece up casually as I will more than likely wear it whilst strolling around the city, so I've dressed it with some small boots, my black sun hat and a denim jacket! I've basically dressed it with items I usually wear every day, England of course giving us a chill in the air so a light jacket was necessary. 

I absolutely love that the string attachment has feathers at the end! It has such a subtle bohemian feel to it that makes this dress so different. I really recommend visiting ZAFUL if you're interesting in following the new trends but also getting unique one off pieces that I haven't seen anywhere else!

Let me know guys if you like me spacing out my looks from brands or if you'd prefer me to show them all in one big post!

Until next time,