Outfit Of The Day: H&M Pinafore & Skirt

24 Aug 2016

Back again with another outfit of the day and I'm sporting an outfit completely by H&M! Well, the bag and shoes don't count right? I feel that one trend I completely jumped on last year was the pinafore dress, my first find from depop and the second from boohoo (which was an utter let down because it's HUGE on me), both big pieces for my winter wardrobe as I paired it with warm tights and long sleeved crop tops/jumpers. I once saw a beautiful burgundy Pinafore in topshop but never plunged into my pocket for it as it was pretty expensive, so to find this beautiful denim, button down black Pinafore this summer was gods gift to me! I absolutely loved black denim, I think in skirt form it's a must have for anyones wardrobe as it pretty much goes with anything! I have the same outlook on black denim Pinafores, you want a top with really cool sleeve detailing, pattern or pretty collar to make the look awesome.

I rarely wear shirts, and when I say rarely I mean never. I was on the search for something smart to add to my wardrobe and I cam across this white soft cotton shirt, with the cutest illustrated bird pattern! I love how more causal smart this t-shirt is, fashionable enough to not be able to wear it to the office but dressed up for your trip to the shops! I personally think it gives the aura of vintage, with the pinafore it's such a classic British fashion piece. The bag was purchased from NEXT and I've never had such an interesting but neat bag, perfect for a night out because it looks so simple but at the same time quirky to dress with the look I've created today!

I think what is unique about this Pinafore is the button down feature on the front, it reminds me so much of the Urban Outfitters Aline skirt (of course every other brand has also sponged the style) which I think was the detailing that attracted me to it in store. Unlike the other pinafores I own the material cinches in the waist, so instant hour glass curves! I think that's why I've never really loved my other pinafores, ladies want the shape not a straight down flop which sadly my others are. 

I find it incredibly hard sometimes to write a fashion outfit of the day post when really I just want to share with you the look, so hopefully you liked my opinion on these items! I'm going to start having a specific subject to talk about with these posts because that way I can chat about topics I love, whilst showing you outfits that I am loving from my wardrobe. So keep your eyes out for my next outfit post because fingers crossed it has a interesting topic with it!

Have you purchased any golden finds from H&M lately?

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