22 Aug 2016

Hello lovelies, The past couple of months I've really dived into blogging again and have been able to give you content four days a week, all scheduled each month and it's content I am bloody well proud of! You guys reading have been wonderful too as my stats have gone crazy, encouraging completely and giving me the confidence of wanting to pursue my blog full time! It's all a working process and I love it, this month especially coming with some big ideas that will be featuring here on Heartshapedbones from here on out. I've really been inspired by my own thoughts, what I've been reading, other blogs, the world and I want to share all of these things with you guys. These ideas are shaping what I want my blog to be, where I want to take it, how I want people to see my blog and I hope it makes for good content! I would love your feedback, so lets get a discussion going in the comments!

I've been contemplating different ways of expressing these ideas I have to you, do I write a lengthy post really going into detail? Or do I stick to the point and keep things simple? Even though I really do love reading other bloggers in depth posts about their own life updates, I thought I would keep everything easy! I have so many ideas surrounding both my blogging and art store, here they are: 

  • I really want to start a couple of small series on my blog, touching on a number of subjects such as tattoos, art, music, lifestyle, etc.
  • One of these series I want to start is almost like a real talk, subjects which might be taboos, modern trends or current events!
  • I have such a huge love for art and the tattoo world, I want to let this shine through more on heartshapedbones! I want to do features each month on artists/tattoo artists/illustrators/designs.

Autumn is going to be a huge (busy busy for me) seasonal period for me as I want to launch a number of things, for my youtube channel and store! I love autumn, I feel so inspired by the falling leaves and hello Halloween. Firstly my youtube channel, here is what to expect starting in September:

  • I want to work on a lookbook, sharing a number of looks whilst capturing the season change into the crispy leaved time of the year that I love. I've only ever done one other lookbook and that shared just the one look, so challenging myself I'll be doing a number!
  • As I have done on my blog, hopefully I will get a schedule down for my channel! I plan to upload three times a week, possibly four 
  • Of course expect a Halloween decor haul, I'll be on the hunt the moment September 1st comes around
  • I did this last year and loved it, so I'll be bringing back my Halloween makeup tutorials which I did twice a week for the entirety of October! They will be in such better quality

Finally, here is my plans for my store, which I think is going to be huge!:

  • I'm going to be having an Autumn relaunch of my website which will include all new prints, products and hopefully t-shirts!
  • Inspired by autumn (especially Halloween) I will be releasing hand stitched dolls which are characters from our favourite movies! Classic horror characters too
  • I will have popular prints still available, but there will possibly only be three or four.

With it being the start of the week I wanted to break it in with a short and sweet post, but full of promise for whats to come! What do you think? What would you like me to feature on my blog? What are your ideas?

Until next time guys, 

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