25 Sept 2016

Happy Sunday everyone! One factor I am loving about my new job is that I keep having Sunday off, next week I have all of the weekend off and it makes me want to cry because it’s never been a possibility before. I don’t worship weekends like a lot of nine till fivers, It’s just another day of the week for me, but a day which is rammed at work with tourists and customers (town is unbearable to walk through because York is a tourist city) so I’m quite thrilled to have a weekend off. I love my Sundays because I always feel so chilled but motivated to get stuff done, but I will remain in my pjs all day that is a promise. As I’ve been so busy with work and spending time with my boyfriend this week, I feel my schedule and presence on the internet has just fallen from the face of the earth this week, so to be able to get myself sorted today is also making me very happy! We’re coming to the end of September which means were getting more into my favourite time of the year and October is soon upon us and I have so much planned for my blog, I’m excited and next Friday I will be revealing everything you can expect to see here on Heartshapedbones because I’ve been SUPER organised with planning woo. Anyway, as I said were getting to the end of September and guiltily I’ll admit I have bought quite a bit of things this month…I’ve had little money with starting my new job which means new pay dates, etc, but I’ve somehow grown money out of thin air and bought some things which I thought I would share with you! 

I think one ‘trend’ that sticks out in this flat lay is definitely the amount of Halloween items I may have bought, and I’m quite proud of myself for being able to hunt these pieces down with it only being in September! From the 1st I was constantly popping into the stores I know bring out amazing Halloween home d├ęcor, picking up pieces here and there to now have great collection that’s slowly turning my living room into a witches den. 

Silver Jack 'O' Lantern, Home sense  - What I love about this Halloween decor is how it's such good quality and doesn't look tacky, which I always worry about when getting such a statement Halloween piece. I love Jack 'O' Lanterns and Pumpkins, and it fits well with the rest of my decor in the house! There was a number of options for sizes and colours, gold or silver and there was a couple of black open top pumpkins for putting things like candy in. 

Day of the dead Skull Candle Holder, Home sense - We have a lot of decor inspired by the day of the dead so to find something that we can have out year round is fantastic! I love the detailing on the face and how Gothic it looks, there being the option in full black too. I haven't yet used it for it's function, but I'm in between using tea lights or getting a candle stick to really make it look gothy.

Candles, Home sense & Home Bargains - Both candles were super cheap and I love the autumnal smells that they both have! The big orange candle bought from Home sense smells like a combination of pumpkin and vanilla, a really warming scent! The smaller from Home Bargains smells like sour orange sweets which is so fun. 

Halloween socks - I bought these from H&M and they're apart of a three for two sale, so I just had to get them. 

Peach Body Cream, The Body Shop - With the colder months coming our way I've really loved using this body cream, it's heavy but leaves my skin feeling amazing as it sooth's down any irritations I have. It also smells AMAZING. 

The Girl on the Train - I'm currently coming towards the end of this novel and it is SUCH  a good read. I'm incredibly into my mystery novels, and I think TGONT is intense, left me so engaged through out I can barely put it down. I know that they've also made it into a film! I think stars such as Emily Blunt are perfect for the characters and I'm intrigued to see how they will make this into a visual story as there is such much detail and perspectives from a number of characters!

Sleek's Highlighting Palette - I am in LOVE with this product, after seeing it blow up with the bloggers all over the internet I just had to try it out for myself. After three attempts of trying to buy this palette as it was always sold out, I finally got my hands on it and now it's apart of my daily routine. The pros of a powder highlighter is it's so easy to blend, using a fan brush, it really stands out and adds a colour toned shine to your face! My favourite has to be the lavender shade!

Sleeks Eyeshadow Palette - Another beauty product which is such a good value for money! As were getting into AW16 I wanted some dark nudes, a few shimmery shades which are going to look awesome as part of a smokey eye look. I opted to try this out as it was such a good price and it's not failed me yet! I use the creamy blends every day as bases and build with the mixture of warm and cold tones. 

Striped Smart Trousers, H&M - There is a smarter clothing section within H&M called modern classics and I just about need to own every piece of clothing. I love dressing up an outfit with a smarter piece, these trousers being perfect to roll up the ends and wear high waisted. I wear either small crop tops with them or a t-shirt to make them casual, they're such a versatile piece despite being smart.  

Metallic Ankle Length Skirt, H&M - This is such a statement piece so when I came across it I had to add it to my wardrobe, being paired with both white and black which looks fantastic! I don't think you can dress this piece down because of how bright it is, and it has strong 80's vibes which is fun to style. 

Autumnal Floral Slip Dress, Sugarhill Boutique - I was sent this by Sugarhill and it's been a dress I couldn't live without this Autumn! The pattern is retro and allows the piece to stand out in itself, I always feel so vintage wearing it both causal and when dressing it up. 

We've had a really warm September so I've been lucky enough to still be able to wear dresses and lighter pieces of clothing, but I have swayed for darker numbers or autumnal patterns to really get into the spirit of autumn! It's my favourite time of the month so I'm not surprised at the collection of stuff I put together when making this flat lay. 

What are your favourite purchases this Month? Have you read Girl on the Train? What did you think? I'm so excited to finish it!

Until next time guys,

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