Outfit Of The Day: I Am The Space Queen

7 Sept 2016

Straight off the bat, one thing I have to say about this outfit is I feel like I'm recreating them 80's vibes, and I absolutely love it. This outfit happened whilst I was out browsing,
telling myself just to window shop but I ended up buying everything pretty much that made me intrigued. I've mentioned in a post before that I have a mentality towards shopping that if I want something I simply get it, but again I feel guilty looking at what 'money' I have put away in my savings (lets be real its non existent) I could save money but when I see nice clothing in stores, I decide on the latter. I wouldn't say it's a problem as I can go months without spending, I can say no to spending money quite easily, but when I do spend it's never a little here and there. I buy in bulk, but that's probably because after resisting purchasing anything I see loads of things I want when I do step out of the house! Until I have some money saved I doubt I'll be unable to not feel guilty about spending, but living in a overly priced flat, in a city which is expensive, is well, expensive. 

Less of my guilty ridden speeches, on to the outfit! I found the skirt first in the Autumn released trending section in H&M, instantly thinking of what I could pair it with, which lead me to find the print t-shirt! I all for this skirt, it's completely different to anything I own and is a style of skirt I can wear with a number of things I already own! I have a long black pleated skirt which I wear to death, so for a change this metallic number will hopefully add a little something different than the layers of black I usually wear! I think both pieces on their own are incredibly 80's rocker/grunge inspired, the top bordering grunge as it plays with grey, red and white! After watching Stranger things the red element in text gets me excited, having a band t-shirt or printed top really is a good way to dress down an outfit but still make it look interesting! I love how the Eagle is in white, it really stands out. With being such a statement piece, this skirt could be dressed either way, casual like I have here, ready for a walk round town or dressed up with a small crop top and heels! It doesn't need anything complicated.


I really want to start creating look books with a subject to them, 'ways to style ___', focusing on trends happening right now, or looks I absolutely adore. I think this will add something to the content of my outfit of the day posts, just so I'm not pointing out the obvious! What trends are you loving right now? Found any bargains from H&M lately?

Until next time guys,

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