Simply Gothic Jewellery Haul

12 Sept 2016

I have a huge love for many things, sunshine, chocolate, black clothing, thing above the rest though is anything surrounding my favourite time of the year, Halloween. Last week the fabulous brand Simply Gothic got in touch with me and the moment they mentioned Halloween inspired Jewellery, I couldn't of been more eager to work with them! I wear Gothic jewellery year round, but with the leaves starting to fall as we're fresh into Autumn I thought Simply Gothic would be the perfect Autumnal brand to introduce on Heartshapedbones!

Simply Gothic are an independent brand who are currently selling through Depop (Etsy to be launched at the end of the year) and their jewellery is incredibly unique, making me fall so much more in love with home made jewellery! Obviously having a Halloween theme to the cute charms attached, I think this jewellery is a subtle introduction to Gothic style, especially perfect for a young audience. The lovely creator of this brand kindly sent me so many interesting pieces, two of them being beaded charm bracelets*; one decorated with matching ghost charms (so cute) and the other a Halloween dream as it holds a variety of charms surrounding Halloween! Pumpkins, vampire fangs, skeletons, etc. If the charms weren't good enough I love the mixture of black and purple beads!

I go through periods where I love to wear earrings but I never find the perfect pair, until they come through my letter box and I'm back to loving earrings. Dangly earrings are a new style for me but I think they look so delicate, especially with being silver (focusing on the ghost pair*) and the Gothic mirror style set* are a goth's dream. I've seen only a number of styles like it floating around with the inner section having a pattern (also perfect for putting in your own photograph) but in a necklace style, making these earrings completely unique. The beading feature is brought back again for the dangly earrings with a witches hat charm, something I've never seen before and honestly are my favourite! All these absolute gems are incredibly affordable too, just as an added bonus. 

We all love a good choker and Simply Gothic sell both ribbon and velvet, in a winner to stand out with the trending style of thick style pieces. I've not yet seen both a white or purple velvet choker so to have that plus with a charm is perfect, continuing the Halloween theme with a cute cat on a moon charm* and pumpkin*. To match the earrings there is also a mirror pendent again on a ribbon choker, perfect as a set if you're wanting to buy for a friend as a birthday present, etc. 

This week I'm starting to notice all of the stores putting out their Halloween stock and it's getting me incredibly excited, so to have Simply Gothic share their beautiful jewellery with me is fantastic! I feel fully prepared for best months ahead, have you guys bought anything for Halloween yet? Any pieces of jewellery you'd think I'd love to? Let me know below!

Thanks for reading guys, check out Simply Gothic and until next time,

*Disclaimer: everything in this post was sent to me free in exchange for a blog post, all opinions are my own.