30 Oct 2016

Happy Sunday everyone! Seeing as this month my blog has been filled with Halloween content I thought I would step away from a spooky style posts this Sunday (Halloween is tomorrow so expect one last lookbook ooo) and share with you all some life stuff! As you can probably see from the images or if you have me over on social media OR have been watching my vlogtober, I took the plunge to dye my hair again a bright/funky colour! I've missed having colourful hair so much, since it being snapped off last year I couldn't wait till the day it was healthy enough again to have another go with the bleach.

In all honesty this colour was a complete accident! On a whim my boyfriend helped me strip and bleach my hair, but I hadn't actually thought about what colour I wanted to go, I just knew it was going to be tough to get my hair light enough to do anything with. After stripping twice and bleaching three times, I finally had something to work with! Yeah it wasn't all one even tone, but I've always loved hair colour which is a little bit of everything. When my hair was pink it was all shades and I think it gives it a little something special! I've always wanted lilac hair but I've never been able to get it white enough to start, so I wasn't surprised when the dye didn't take. Directions never takes to my hair which is a huge pain, so I had a little panic moment and dug out a purple dye I had and a violet Directions pot, mixed them both and managed to get this colour which I think is quite decent! I love how it changes into a warmer tone on the ends, I get the best of both worlds.

In the future I really want to go for teal or green hair, but after accidently creating this violet cold and warm toned colour I think I may stick with this for a while! What I expect is when I wash it a couple of times the top may fade to the bottom colour or at least become lighter toned to dark! But we shall see, I'm THRILLED to have colourful hair again. I feel more like myself which is fun.

What do you think to colourful hair? Is violet something you'd go for? I love experimenting with hair!

Until next time guys,

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