My Halloween Favourites! 2016

23 Oct 2016

I'm excited for this favourites post because it's going to be like non other that I've done so far here on heartshapedbones. It opens up the idea of themed favourites which will be perfect for around Christmas, and with Halloween basically being more dear to me than Christmas, I thought I would share with you all my favourite things I am loving this Halloween!

When I see all of the Halloween accessories being put out in stores, it gets me giddy because it means its officially October! Autumn is definitely my favourite season, so having the darker/gothic pieces coming out I feel asif I'm allowed to be in my element all month. Not only did I find a number of jewellery pieces, but I have a big love for cheesy Halloween items such as underwear and socks! I rarely wear colour, but I'm going to wear these around the house till my dying day.

From working in retail I've been completely invested with Halloween themed fashion, I'm more than happy to put out clothing all day when it's decorated with bats and skeletons! I love the subtle pieces that you can still wear year round because it's just gothy rather than just for Halloween, so when I saw these jumpers I had to have them in my life. I can dress them with so many things, floaty skirts, jeans, culottes, they may look super casual to cosy up in but I can wear them out too!

I always head for the same shops to look at Halloween décor, so when I found these cute pot tea light holders, I freaked! I love them and they were only £1 from poundland, being able to buy a number of them and still not having to break into a note is fantastic! I went for three different styles, a tube like Frankenstein, a round open mouthed ghost which is too cute and a little ghost, which I think all look cartoony. They're perfect for little fillers for on the coffee table.

Ok so my first choice for Halloween tv isn't exactly Halloween, but American Horror Story is scary and perfect for this time of year that it's airing! Season 6 Roanoke is KILLING IT. I love the new season so much and the twist, my god, if you're currently watching it just wait till episode 6. I've always loved AHS for how it brings out the scary in everything normal, a house, a hotel, I mean a coven of witches isn't exactly normal...but it's fantastic. Film wise it's the perfect time to watch all those Halloween classics, for me it's Hocus Pocus, Halloween town, scream, I may even tackle Nightmare on Elm street or Halloween this year! Something more scary out of my comfort zone.

As someone who has my own illustration print business, I love this time of year because not only does it give me inspiration to create Halloween themed artwork, but I love how others follow the same inspiration! I love to see Halloween art left right and centre, for my own store I've been inspired specifically by my favourite Gothic ladies and films!

Living in a city which constantly has some sort of festival on whether it being beer, food, music or an event, I love how this time of year there is so much to do in York! I have a number of options this year of what I plan to do on Halloween, but whats at the top of my list to do is the Halloscream festival that is at York maze! They've built haunted houses, set up the maze and despite it being expensive, it seems worth every penny to have your heart scared out of you! There is also a showing of Rocky Horror Picture show in the art museum where you can also have a sit down dinner with it! Movie nights or dressed up drinking, I plan to do something after I finish work, we're doing fancy dress at work and I'm thrilled!

What are you loving this Halloween? Hope you all have the best time of the year on Monday!

Until next time,