19 Oct 2016

I think it's no secret how much I love Halloween and I'm sorry if you don't, but I have a lot of themed content planned this month...Sorry not sorry? The moment leaves started to fall this year I was already excited for Autumn and especially Halloween, on the first day of October I brought out of storage some of my favourite bits of décor, but in all honestly a lot of these pieces I keep out year round. To me a lot of them aren't overly Halloween themed, they're gothic, spooky, but if it's not a Jack 'O' Lantern or bright orange, I tend to wove them into my normal house décor. I've filmed a little Halloween Décor Tour video for my channel so I thought it would be cool to have a more in depth look at the bits I keep in my home!

I'm starting with my recent purchase because it has to be the most fun and my favourite, my Boyfriend bought me it at the weekend it was only £1! It's made out of pot and you pop in a tea light candle, so the light comes out of his mouth! Frankenstein is one of my favourite classical monsters.

This was another £1 find at poundland! I immediately thought about hanging this in my kitchen before even really reading it, but the headless horse man features in one my favourite films Sleepy Hollow. I love how it looks like an old warn out board, but in the shape of a coffin almost! We've popped it on our kitchen door.

I love to keep framed artwork around the house, and a lot of the illustrations I have are gothic, in ink or pen and usually are of my favourite film characters! This print of Wednesday Addams is by my friend Kat, her store is hermotherseyes and its perfect for my mantel piece above the fire! Kat creates the perfect spooky characters in ink, I have her framed on my side all year round so I can always see one of my favourite characters drawn so well! I think having 'Halloween' themed pieces of art around your house this time of year is a really cool way of subtly dressing your house up for the occasion

This has to be my most treasured candle and I never light it just because I don't want to ruin that removing the function of a candle? I love the Ouija print on the glass which I think looks perfect next to some of my framed artwork. The candle was from Killstar so it was expensive, I bought it nearly two years ago and only lit it first the other day to see if the wax was black or purple! It's purple toned!

This style of pumpkin décor came in so many options, silver, gold, big, smaller, there was a cauldron style in black which I was itching to buy but the décor in Homesense always ranges from an absolute bargain to really expensive! This silver pumpkin was around £17 and it's really good quality, heavy and quite a cute piece of Halloween décor. It's one of those that you pop a little tea light candle in, like a lot of the themed décor I have! I love to have them scattered around the house, have them all lit at night so theres a little flicker in each room.

I found this happy pumpkin tucked away in a really cute décor shop, it's closed down now but they always did incredibly quirky pieces, a lot of organic candles, bunting, etc. It was a couple of pounds and another pot décor which varied in size, I honestly thought I would have more time to shop there so I didn't get a lot of things, but it was closed the next time I went!

 If anyone asked me to recommend them a shop which is a go to of mine for Halloween décor, it's definitely Homesense. It's basically Tk Maxx's home section in one big store, and it's perfect for any kind of décor and candles! At Halloween there is so much to choose from and a lot of my pieces are from there, they always have so many Halloween themed snow globes, some really subtle like this pile of skulls! It's something I can keep out every day, without it screaming Halloween.

 I don't know the technical term for these kind of pot dolls which all go into the bigger doll, but when I saw these skeleton themed set on Empty Casket I HAD to get them. They weren't that expensive at all and the print on the front is hand painted, fitting perfectly with the illustrations I have also in my living room. When it isn't Halloween I tend to have all of the dolls back into the bigger doll so I can just pop it on my side table.

This skull is actually from the coolest gothic store on the sea front in Scarborough, I stumbled upon it when going there with my family and I nearly bought the entire store. Everything was incredibly expensive, this skull costing £30 and it's pretty hollow! It's not heavy or wooden like I thought, but I still LOVE the aesthetic of it. Again the illustrations carved into the skull fit perfectly with the artwork I also have in our home.

Every Autumn I head to Homesense to pick myself up a new candle, an Autumnal scent to get me excited about the change of season. I chose this candle which is a mixture of pumpkin and vanilla, it's so soothing and sweet smelling!

 Last but not least is another £1 find and it makes me laugh so much! This was in the Halloween section in poundland but I don't think it even looks scary. There was some pumpkins which looked more like pumpkins, but if this is supposed to be a ghost it looks more like a Japanese cartoon character. But I love it! You pop a little tea light in there and it warms up the black inside its mouth.

What are your favourite Halloween bits in your home? Do you know any stores you think I should visit to get some more décor?

Thankyou guys, until next time,

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