24 Oct 2016

Hello lovely people! Hope you're having the cosiest Sunday of your life, or like me you're enjoying the last of the sunshine before the cold breeze turns into icy wind. Winter is coming, but before that nightmare starts I'm trying to get out into the city as much as I can, slowly transitioning my clothing into warmer layers, with hot drink in hand! I sometimes think it's hard to find tea dresses or more so vintage styled pieces in the colder months, so when Stylewe got in contact with me I was thrilled because it was the end to my problem. I do love Autumn trends such as the mustards and deep reds, but realistically I sway towards black or white dresses. Black is a year round style for me but white is so tricky because I feel as if it's incredibly seasonable, so to find something when we're expected to be buying giant coats is excellent!

Stylewe isn't a new brand here on Heartshapedbones, I am lucky to have worked with them before and I have to say they do not disappoint! Not only is their website easy to navigate and offers unique women's clothing, including designer products! Especially for work I love to dress a little smarter, it always feels great to have a smart dress which can easily be dressed down or up. Browsing the designers who work with Stylewe, my heart was instantly given to a brand called KAN.F! Lace, lace, lace, lace, I am in heaven!


I love everything about this shoot, the weather is slowly transitioning into cold so I’ve been able to style my small tea dresses with my big coats, which have been sat in the cupboard waiting for winter again. I love wearing dresses like this one by Stylewe all year round because you get to style them so differently! With there only being a small breeze in the air I was able to still show a little leg, whilst pairing it with my big boots and a fur coat! I hate wearing tights if I’m honest, I’m trying to put it off as long as possible so to be able to have a little walk through York with just my big coat on has made me so happy. I think dresses always look great with a long coat or something chunky like my fur one here. I decided to pop out and get myself a hot chocolate as I’m not much off a coffee drinker, walking past my favourite spot to take photographs which is covered in fallen leaves!

Now a little about the dress, despite white not exactly screaming Autumn, I think it looks fantastic when paired with black, especially my big fur coat because it’s a complete contrast to how slim the dress is. Pairing black and white together is easy seeing as my wardrobe is filled with black, but it’s in no way over shadowing because you can still see the beautiful detailing to the dress!  I'm a sucker for vintage style clothing and Stylewe's White A-Line White Floral Lace Mini dress* screams 1970's with its neckline and all over lace! I love how fitting the whole thing is, the sleeves, nice neck lace feature and the waist band is a lovely silk ribbon that wraps around! I might be new to an all over lace piece, but the lace almost forms a floral pattern, which is a guilty pleasure when it comes to vintage style clothing. My favourite feature is definitely the neck line.

Have you ever bought anything from Stylewe?
A massive to the brand for letting me style one of their pieces again and definitely do check them out!

Until next time guys,

*Disclaimer: this dress was sent to me by a brand for free, however my opinion on the piece and how I have styled it is all my own honest input!

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