9 Nov 2016

Ok so at this point you might be thinking I'm feeding you a bunch of lies, one moment my hair is purple, the next black and now green?! Do I even have a standard hair colour? I can promise you the green is here to stay and of course I had to keep you all updated with another colourful hair post!

So I did love having violet hair, it was fun for a week but it never was the end goal that I had for colouring my hair. If you've seen my vlogtober vlogs over on my youtube channel you'll of watched how on a whim we picked up some bleach to do my hair, then in a panic through on the violet directions pot because I had work the next morning. I couldn't go to work with patchy bleached hair because it had gone wrong. I could live with having my hair violet and then a warm pinky colour on the bottom, but after washing it just once the ends turned brown and it just looked...horrible. The plan was always to get my hair to green so when pay day came around I took a trip into town and purchased more bleach, strippers, highlighting kits and set to work! I managed to get an even base...sort of and then had fun with the green! Even though directions never seems to take to my hair, I went for Apple Green and Aldine Green mixed together and this was my end result which I lurvvvvv.

I'm not going to say I accidently got it to this colour but I definitely blindly just played around with bleach and hoped for the best. I didn't know if I had gotten it light enough for the colour to really take, but I absolutely love the tone my hair is now. It's much more green in natural lighting, but I love the blue tint these photographs seem to have. For some reason my camera's shutter speed started to play up and I got some blurry shots of me moving, but I thought they looked so cool with how white my skin is contrasting and my hair! Magic. I feel like a total mermaid and I love it.

My hair confidence is definitely back and I can't wait to get some outfit shots outside to really show off how green it is! Do you have any tips on maintaining green hair? I'm going to need them!

Until next time guys,

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