Nyx Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks!

30 Nov 2016

November is definitely the month where I went out and spent all of my money on either Christmas décor ready to put them all up next month or beauty products, so as it’s not yet December you’re getting the latter! I love Nyx cosmetics, I constantly head to their counter in Boots whenever I’m in town to see if there is anything new and I always end up buying way more than I should. I just wanted to top myself up on their concealer and ended up purchasing these four Liquid Lingerie’s to finally see for myself what the big hype is all about!

Straight away I have to just mention my favourite factor about the Lingeries and it definitely is the texture of the formula! It’s soo creamy and sits so well on my lips, it feels asif I have nothing on which I feel is the point of the liquid lipstick and dries instantly. Within seconds of putting the lipstick on my lips its dry, there is no residue that comes off which my cups will be ecstatic about. I love that the staying power is amazing but if you have a bad lipstick day it is annoying to get off, once the lipstick is on it doesn’t budge so removing can be hard. But on the positive side atleast you know it won’t move when you’re eating or drinking! The lipsticks I'll now go into are in order of the swatches on my hand in the photograph above.

Nyx Lingerie in the shade BEDTIME FLIRT - This was the first lipstick I tried out of the four I picked and I was so blown away by the formula which does apply to all of them. This shade has a pink tone and whilst being a pale nude is also a warm shade. It's almost a rose pink with a slight brown tone and is the perfect dump for Cannes which is also by Nyx. Bedtime Flirt will no doubt be my every day shade just because of how warm it is but it's not too bright or out there to be considered only suitable for going out.

NYX Lingerie in the shade RUFFLE TRIM - This shade is pretty much the same shade as Bedtime Flirt but darker, there being more of a brown tone to the formula which I feel is perfect for when you want to go out on a night but still wear a nude shade. It's a warm shade which I think is great for the season, winter really drains all colour out of me so I'm excited to play with a copper look involving this product! Again perfect consistency to the formula

NYX Lingerie in the shade PUSH UP - This has to be my favourite shade out of the four I picked and it was the first shade I actually picked up when I was in store! I love this nude shade, its light, pink and very different to what I would normally go for! When applying it onto my lips I found it wasn't too light which washed me out, there is a warm tone to it but it's really subtle and would look perfect with a smoky eye or grungy look! I tend to wear nudes 24/7 when in winter so I'm definitely ready to wear Push Up every day.

NYX Lingerie in the shade BEAUTY MARK - I have a love hate relationship with this lipstick shade already because I love the colour but hate the formula. I tend to find this with any darker shade in Nyx but the coverage isn't solid, Beauty Mark came across a little streaky so I had to put a second layer on and that then took away the desired feeling of 'feeling asif you have nothing on your lips' which I liked in the first place. I added a second coat and it felt sticky and thick, but I did then get full coverage. It's sad because I love this colour, so I may have to give it another try and hopefully get a good coverage from the first coat.

These lipsticks retail for £6.50 in boots so I think that's amazing, especially when you've never tried them out before because if you don't get on with them at least they're not that expensive. Have you tried any of the Lingeries? What do you think? What shade do you think I should try next?

Until next time guys,