21 Nov 2016

I am fully falling to my knees and expecting that winter is here, we may only be half way through November but I’ve waved my final goodbyes to any warmth until next year. I’ve put away my smaller bits of clothing and brought out my jumpers, which if I’m honest is a bare minimum so when Stylewe got in contact offering me the chance to bring my personal style to their pieces I opted straight for warmer clothing! Stylewe is no new brand to my blog, I recently shared a lovely vintage tea dress from them and I’m excited to share how I style their winter ranges.

I don’t know if it’s a case of my memory not being that great or whether it really wasn’t that cold this time last year, but I never found myself yearning for massive jumpers to keep myself warm. I’m cold constantly, always wearing my fluffy black coat but having about three layers underneath too. I’m sure I just wore a long sleeved top and skirt last year, but I’m really experimenting with my winter wardrobe this year. I can be quite fussy with jumpers, their cut, how they fall on me, but I absolutely love this grey number* because it’s long! The Knitted Grey Jumper* doesn’t box cut off at my waist which is always annoying to style, but instead drapes down, having two cuts up the side for extra detail! It’s different and allows me to wear it with a number of under layers; just tights, trousers, slacks, skinnies or even leggings. I’m frilled to have a piece which I can really experiment with and for once it’s not black, so I can dress it with black accessories and still not be over doing it. The thick turtle neck is also new to me as I’ve never had something so…thick. It definitely keeps me warm and the layering on the neck can be changed as it’s a big piece of material which I’ve rolled under.

I decided to keep it quite basic but also adding an edgy essences with my accessories, wearing comfortable trousers because after all theres nothing more I love than being comfortable in winter, but adding stylish fishnet socks and small heeled sandals! These shoes whilst not being practical for the cold weather are so comfortable to wear, I bust a full days work in my day job wearing these so it felt only fitting to have easy wearing shoes with this outfit.


I went for a subtle eye with eyeliner to create a vintage appearance for this look, a deep red lip by Nyx which has to be one of my favourites for winter! It's heavy but a deep red which I've been hunting for since last winter time!

I do plan to publish another post by Stylewe sharing a dress perfect for winter time, so keep your eyes peeled for that and now I style something a little different for my wardrobe! Whats your favourite piece this winter?

Until next time guys,


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*DISCLAIMER: This item was given to me for free in exchange for a blog post, all words are my own and truthful