Cool Little Bits From Primark!

19 Dec 2016

Lets all face it, we secretly love Primark. I wouldn't even claim it to be a secret, I feel like it's a treat when I go to a city with a store there and I find the cutest little bits! York now has a Primark right in the city centre so no doubt when I get paid I'll be right in there spending my money, but before this happened I decided to head to Doncaster (where my parents live) to do some Christmas shopping and cheekily see if there was any good finds in Primark. Ill say this now in my introductory paragraph, a lot of it was found in the home wear section. 


I felt as if I turned into another version of myself when I stepped into the home wear section of Primark, I'd been doing fine just browsing clothing here and there, picking certain things up, deciding against others, then we went downstairs into the home wear and I couldn't stop myself from adding things to my basket. I love home wear, our living room has nineteen candles out at the moment (seriously I counted) cups and mugs are another thing entirely, so of course I bought some bits. Mason Drinking Jars are a big thing since summer, I swear all I saw on Instagram was fruit juice or cocktails drank out of mason jars, so when I saw a skull version AND pineapple I had to get them both. I have quite a few basic mason jars so I'm thrilled to add these ones to my collection, the skull glass OF COURSE being my favourite as it has a gradient that fades to black on the bottom. The quality is amazing and it only cost £3!!! The pineapple jar is exactly the same, heavy weight which for me confirms that Primark really has stepped up it's quality. 

I caught what I thought was the candle shelf in the corner of my eye but it actually was rows of shops full of candles!! There was such a variety of different styles so I bought a few, some novelty ones such as golden pineapples which unattached to reveal the candle and cacti candles!!! They're the cutest things, there was a lot of larger ones but this three piece cacti set was £3.  I was so intrigued by everything because the quality really did seem better, so I went for one of the fancier looking candles to try it out and see how it compared to my more expensive candles. Seriously, this Golden Ashwood candle smells LIKE HEAVEN. It's heavy, the packaging patterns are retro looking and the scent is so sweet it really lingers a room which is what I want. 

I've tried out Primark's makeup range before and It's really impressive, so I thought I would go for some brushes this time to see how they worked with my makeup. I love these two brushes, I bought a slanted thick brush for my bronzer/contouring and a small fluffy brush for my blush or highlighting  (I do use a fan brush but sometimes I want a thicker brush to apply more onto my skin) They we're both only £1.50 and I use them every day, so definitely a good value for money, you could literally buy an entire set for barely a dint into your wallet. 

I tend to always buy the basic's from Primark you know socks, underwear, stuff that isn't that interesting to photograph but I HAD to show you these Harry Potter socks. I love that Primark does Disney, Super hero and Harry P inspired clothing so when I saw these for only a couple of quid I had to snatch them. I've actually bought them for Joel because he's always loved HP like myself but I'll definitely end up stealing them. 

Now that York has a Primark in the centre I'll no doubt end up going there all the time for bits to add to my home! I pick up pieces of clothing on occasion but I'll always end up buying home wear. 

Until next time,