21 Dec 2016

Hello everyone! Are we all excited for the weekend because it's going to be a very big Christmasy one?! I didn't really want to write too many Christmas themed posts so I've kept my content the same, but I couldn't resist adding some decor into my flat lays so I hope you enjoy everything wooden in this post! I've never been one to wear watches until this year, actually last Christmas I was bought a beautiful Ted Baker watch and from then I've indulged in a couple to add to my wardrobe. Watches look so classic and are incredibly helpful to me whilst I'm at work, so whilst being on the look for another, I was thrilled when JORD watches got in contacted and wanted me to style one of their own!

I am in love. I have to start by saying that I never thought I would really like this style of watch or a wooden style in fact! JORD watches is run by such a creative force, a team of artists, designers and marketers to create luxury, hand crafted wooden watches which I think are so incredibly unique. I think the watches themselves look beautiful, barely feeling heavy despite the style of watch they have been carved into. I'm used to the chunkier metal watches weighing down my wrist, so it's so refreshing to have a light wood to aid my day at work. I honestly felt spoilt for choice as am completely in awe of all the watches created by JORD, but I opted for the Zebra wood & Maple watch*, which is apart of the Fieldcrest series. I really like delicate looking watches so I wanted something that was feminine despite being chunky, so the light wood inside and the silver embellishments really appeals to me. If that isn't enough to tickle your fancy the packaging is just stunning, the watch comes in such a sleek wooden box, the JORD logo printed onto the lid and it doesn't stop there. I think the brand shouts luxury, which I think makes for such a nice present (doesn't have to be for Christmas but hey it is the time of year) that you could treat your partner to! 

Discount time!
JORD so kindly sent me a bunch of vouchers to give to friends and family, so I thought what not better to do then give them out to you guys! They also set up an instant discount page* for you all which is going to be on going till February! How exciting! 

As for the vouchers, I'm going to be tweeting out on my twitter page about the discount voucher's give away and all you need to do is retweet the tweet! Simples. I'll be picking some accounts at random in a weeks time and be giving out a £50 AND £25 voucher to two accounts, a £50 to one account and two £25 to two accounts. Here is the link to the tweet if you're interested in taking part for a chance to win some awesome discounts! 

If you're interested in looking at JORD watches for both sexes definitely check out the links I've left below!

*wooden watches for women
* wooden watches for men 

Until next time guys, 

If you have any enquiries please contact
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