13 Dec 2016

Ok so I have something to confess, I really really really, really really do not like Love Actually or Nightmare Before Christmas. I hold my hands up and am fully open to judgements. There are so many films I love to watch at Christmas time and to be honest a lot of them aren't necessarily about Christmas, so I thought it would be perfect to be incredibly stern with myself and share my favourite strictly Christmasy films! No Edward Scissor Hands or Narnia, just good old, warm hearted films about Christmas.


Jack Frost has to be my ultimate Christmas film and in all honesty I watch it year round. I've loved Jack Frost since I was a child, I love the sound track, Michael Keaton, Kelly Preston and I just love the family feel of this film. I cry for Charlie the main character so much even now I can't stand his disappointment or sadness. Keaton's character is a Dad who is also in a band who finally get a big break, but he has to travel out to record on Christmas. Whilst his family wait at their family cabin on Christmas Keaton decides to leave the deal and spend Christmas with them, but is in a car accident and passes away. Once year later Charlie his son plays a 'magical' harmonica and his Dad (Keaton) comes back to life as a Snowman. I love the comedy of this film, it's completely ludicrous but seeing Charlie get another chance with his father gets the tears flowing every time I put this film on. It's a perfect family film for the festival period, full of love, fun and Fleetwood Mac are even on the soundtrack. 


Again another family warm hearted film I love! Tim Allen doesn't believe in Santa, so when he sees the man himself fall from his roof top and dies, he doesn't know what to believe. With the eager push of his Son, Allen put's on the suit, gets in the slay and delivers presents to the world on the one night! However, he slowly starts to turn into Santa Claus in preparation for the next years big night! No one believes him, his ex wife won't let him see his son and he needs to deliver presents on Christmas! I feel really sorry for both Allen and his son in this film, Allen wants to see his Son more and his Son can't get enough of his Dad because he's a busy working business man. This film brings a family together and it's so nice to see a non believer get made into a full fledged santa.


The Polar Express is such a magical film, it's an animation about a boy who gets on the polar express and goes to the north pole. He meets other Christmas, the train conductor and Santa (along with a homeless ghost hitchhiker) being voiced by Tom Hanks. It's all about believing and the Christmas spirit, the believers hearing the bells which in the end the boy learns to do! Short and sweet, this films animation and story line is so beautiful and a really calming Christmas film. It's my Mums favourite because it's perfect to snuggle up to with a cup of tea on a cosy night in!


I forget how much I love this film each time I come to watch it at Christmas (it's not really a Christmas film, it's just set in the festive season) but Gremlins is definitely an alternative twist on films we watch this time of year. There are three rules when it comes to Gremlins, 1. Sunlight will kill them, 2. never get them wet and 3. NEVER feed them after midnight. Our main character breaks all of these rules and unleashes mischievous monsters upon a small town. You instantly fall in love with Gismo the main 'gremlin' he's the source of all the problems to be honest but he never turns bad, the bad Gremlins are so comical but would 100% be your worst nightmare. I feel as if it's one of my Christmas films out of tradition, I remember watching it with my Dad pretty much every December when I was younger.


I think everyone has seen Elf and if you haven't you're missing out on some comedy gold. I'm a huge fan of Will Ferrell movies in general so it's a given I am a huge fan of Elf, it's the story of Buddy the Elf, really a human orphan who crawled into Santa's slay and ended up in the north pole to be raised as an Elf. Realising he's different than his community, Buddy goes off to New York to find his real father. When writing the plot line out the film sounds like a really heart felt journey, but the film is so comical you can't stop yourself from laughing from the very beginning. If you're a fan of step brothers you'll love this film and to top it all off it's Christmasy, we all love a funny Christmas film.


Jim Carrey really makes this film for me but again, The Grinch is another Christmas film which everyone has seen. It reminds me so much of my sister because she's a 2000 baby, it's all she watched from being a child and I'm talking about even in the summer time. I think I love this film because it's definitely a family film for me whilst having me in stitches because the Grinch is such a sassy queen. The Grinch is a Dr. Seuss creation, he hates Christmas and wants to ruin the festivities for the whos in Whoville because he hates them all. Of course with this being a Christmas film he finds his heart and the Christmas spirit, in the end saving Christmas along side the Whos. Again a perfect comedy film to watch with the family!

For me my favourite Christmas films are ones that remind me of family and which I've loved for a very long time! What are your favourite Christmas films?

Until next time guys!


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