My favourite moments of 2016

30 Dec 2016

I think 2016 was a very eventful year for everyone, whether it be bad with our favourite celebs dying, Trump being voted president or the entirety of the UK f**king us over and voting out, or good with our own personal joys (because lets face it this year has been a complete joke with everything else) there certainly was a lot going on this year. I had a good year if I'm honest, I finally finished university, moved in with my one true love and got a job I bloody enjoy, plus a lot more special moments which I'm going to share with you now!

So 2016 was the first year that Joel bear and I went on holiday together, if I'm honest it's the first time I've been on holiday with any partner so it was super special to me! Joel's dad used to live in Spain and still has some properties there, so even though it was all old for Joel, it was excited and now for me and I LOVED every second of it. It was so relaxing to get away for a week and we headed to Benidorm for a day because we're obsessed with the cheesy television series Benidorm. We saw some of the places where they film and we acted like giggly school children.
I'd never thought I'd say this one but I finally graduated university! It took it's sweet ass time  (three years to be exact) but I finally graduated from York St John University and now I'm a bachelor of art! I got a 2:1, being not even half a mark off a first which is sooo annoying but still I'm so happy to end a chapter of my life which was well, life changing. We graduated from the Minster in York and it was so beautiful, I had my family there, Joel and friends which I made being at uni. 
I'm kinda sad that I only got one tattoo this year because I really wanted more, but at the beginning of the year I took the big step to start my patch work sleeve off and I got my shoulder done! I LOVE my cobweb, I feel like a gothic bad ass and it's the perfect blackwork style that matches my others. It was such a weird sensation because it of course hurt like any tattoo does, but it wasn't that painful and it touched a nerve so I could feel it in my bones almost and in my right boob! I love getting tattoo'd. 

My god this has to be the biggest step of my 2016, I finished university and instead of moving home like most students, I decided to stick around in York and I moved in with Joel! I love our little flat, it's cute and completely us and we have our two ratties to start our family. He really is my best friend and I couldn't imagine living with anyone else, I wouldn't want to, it's so easy being with him everyday.            
York doesn't host a lot of blogging events, but this year I went to a few and loved each one so much! When brands I love care enough about bloggers to invite them to special launches it really makes me happy. I went to two Lush events both the mothers day and fathers day launch and I loved both events so much. They really made me year because it's a company I care about.
I went absolutely mental about this when it happened but I was interviewed by my FAVOURITE magazine this year, and it was Things & Ink! The magazine turned to only publishing online this year which was sad, but also excited because it means more regular articles being put up. As an artist I got interviewed about my style, artwork, interests, goals and many other things! It was so excited and I'm so proud of myself.

A lot of things came out of my artwork this year, and one of those things is I got to work with one of my favourite brands to create a collaboration and that was MXCI! I love the girls over at MXCI and I spent a lot of 2015 creating illustrations to be designed onto clothing with MXCI. We came up with a jacket, tote bag and a cool ass jumper which reads 'if you're reading this I threw you the jerk off!' with my drawing of a motorbike on the road. 
One of the huge things for me this year was the many brands I got to work with, which I am so super thankful for!I worked with some of my favourite brands and I nearly cried when receiving the products, Propercorn, Empty Casket, Mykindabook, Sugarhill, and many more brands. I have to say perks do come with the job. Hopefully I'll get to work with more brands in the new year. Bring on 2017 for more creative content!

Last but not least, I went and dyed my hair a more bright colour again! I WENT GREEN!! I missed having colourful hair for so long now, so I took out the hair extensions and went for the green dye, it taking a month of having a variety of awful blonde shades to get this glorious seaweed green. It's such a mixture of tones which I love, it's so different and has given me my confidence back.

2016 was incredibly eventful for me but these were some of my ultimate favourite memories.  It's a year I won't forget, mainly because I did a lot of adult things and thats all new for me. I'm adulting and I can't get off!

Have a fantastic 2017 everyone, let me know some of your favourite memories from 2016?

Until next time,