My Perfect 'Me Time' #MKB PARTY #AD

18 Dec 2016

One aspect I love about blogging and my blog is that I get to see others interests and share my own, Heartshapedbones always being filled with content on things I love! I share my personal style, products I love, films/programs I like, food I eat and one area that I think has been lacking on my blog is the books I read! I LOVE to read, probably as much as I love to indulge in a good film. From being a child I've always loved books, I used to have a huge book case that ran along the upstairs landing when I was younger to now having books pretty much scattered all throughout my home. It's strange to see how my interests in certain subjects has changed but I literally can fall into any genre of book, I love my mystery, adventure and crime, whilst always having a soft spoke for the supernatural! I am a pure fiction book lover, but growing up a little I've even been opened to non-fiction. I'll always give any genre of book a try, so when My Kinda Book got in touch to introduce me to the #MKBPARTY and wanted me to throw my own with a number of books to read, I had to say yes!

I've always wanted to be apart of a book club, the idea of choosing a book to then after reading discuss?! I understand that's absolutely nerdy but these are the things you want to do when you grow up. Now that I've finished university I've started to read one book every week or so, just casually because I never want to stop reading novels. Sometimes it can be really hard to pick a book amongst hundreds in a store, so to be handed books to read really peaks my interest because I've been introduced to some new novels I never would of thought to read! My Kinda Book have teamed up with Pan Macmillan to provide this amazing party package, with the perfect book club reads! Asif that wasn't good enough, they've also sent over some 'props' to help me get into the party mood, stationary, candles, beauty bits, decorations and LOTS of hot chocolate to get us into the snuggle down mood.

To get us all into the snuggle down mood, here are some things I love to do to get myself into a wind down, reading mood!

Bath time & a pamper! I feel as if this is my first protocol for any relaxed night, I love to take my makeup off, treat my skin with a good pamper and soak for an hour to two! After that I  feel as if I can do anything, I usually draw, watch films or blog, but nine times out of ten I cuddle up to the blankets and start a new book. With my schedule it's nice sometimes to just focus on one thing all night so I love to read, I never finish it in one sitting like but it's all I can think about the following day at work!

Setting the scene! After a recent count of my candles I have nineteen just in my living room and thats the ones I have out on show, so when I want to have a reading night in I turn all the lamps on, light my favourite candles and turn on all the fairy lights. I do have those special candles that no one can touch, but the candles I light all have such strong fragrances that my living room soon smells so homely. 

Snacking! When I say snacking I really mean eating chocolate, I am an absolute fiend for constantly having a bag or bar of chocolate on me. We tend to have a bunch of chocolate options always in the kitchen so I normally pop open a bag of choc and eat away.

Music! Sometimes I just put the television on when I read because it's just for background noise, but on occasion (and these are the nights I really enjoy chilling down) I look for the perfect relaxed playlist on Spotify. I've found a number of film soundtracks that I love to listen to, or acoustic sets to put on shuffle. 

Self care! I know I already mentioned pampering myself in the bath, but I love to continue looking after myself throughout the night. I usually go for a face mask either packet bought or from lush, painting my nails or using a hair mask to treat myself! With having colourful hair sometimes I have to condition it for a long periods of time to keep it looking good, so I normally take this time to do so. 

The books I've been sent:

Beautiful Broken things by Sarah Banard 
I'm excited for this book because it is apart of Zoella's 2016 book club! I have taken a look in WHSmiths at the collection and I have to say I'm most excited for this one! The cover is utterly stunning and the blurb is so intriguing, it seems like theres a lot of trouble going on. 

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
Another book which is apart of Zoella's book club of this year and again, I can't wait to start it. From the blurb the plot line is about two twins who go off to university and experience different things, a different type of book I usually read but still it has peaked my interests from the reviews I've read online!

The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge 
This book was voted Costa's book of the year 2015, and from reading the first couple of pages I can't wait to read more! The setting comes across quite victorian so the writing is more mature, but it's these types of books I am in love with at the moment. This book is an adventure of a mysterious tree that when telling a lie it reveals a truth, the bigger the lie the bigger the truth!

So I can't wait to dive into these books, I will be reviewing them over the new year so keep your eyes pealed and I hope it's something of interest here on heartshapedbones! It's a love of mine I haven't really expressed so I am excited. 

Until next time guys & thank you SO MUCH to my kinda book