OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Black Lace & Mermaid Feels

10 Dec 2016

I feel so good to be back with an outfit post, it's felt like such a long time purely because lately most of my posts had been scheduled. On my blog six posts ago I did post an OOTD when in reality that was written nearly a month ago (jesus I've really been skipping out on my fashion lookbooks) and now that I've ended my blogging schedule hopefully if I write posts they won't even be a week in waiting to be published. I want to feel connected again to my blog and the content I write, the content I love and narrowing that down I love to shoot fashion lookbooks! If I defined my niche I'd say Heartshapedbones is a personal style fashion blog, I do love to write about other things like lifestyle things and beauty, but I've always wanted my blog to be about my fashion. I want more outfit of the day posts here on my blog like I used to, so hopefully I can share more outfits which I love with you guys and then a little of the other stuff I like to write.

I have been absolutely sponging this outfit, if you don't know what I mean by sponging I mean I've been wearing it to it's utter death. This is my comfy combination of clothing which is really different for me because none of them are exactly the softest of pieces. Normally my comfortable clothes are summed up by pj pants and an over sized soft cotton men's t-shirt, or a dress, so to have a lace long sleeve sheer top, on top of a cammi and ripped mom jeans is completely new for me. My go to is definitely black clothing which I think is the reason I feel so comfortable wearing this, I feel so stylish because each item of clothing is incredibly individual. There's nothing plain about them which makes me feel well, cool. Feeling stylish gives me such confidence, I hope that's a feeling you understand because it's such a good one!


I bought the Mom jeans two summers ago and never really wore them until this year, I found them incredibly hard to style and always just felt a little...crap. They're a unique shape to pull off, I wish they were baggier but I'm loving them with these loathers, my open toe sandals and heels. I just feel it really dresses them down with trainers and boots don't exactly fit their shape. The laced top is new which may be why I've only just started to love how I wear the Mom jeans, something new to make the old feel good! It took me less than a second to buy this laced top when I saw it, it has a high neck and which I think is quite Victorian and the laced bell sleeves make it super gothic. Nothing pleases me more than something gothic. It is sheer so I've put a simple cammi underneath but you could pull it off with a bralet.

My experience with glittery nail polishes haven't been a good one, but with it being close to Christmas I thought I'd get into the festive spirit and give this glitter nail polish a go! MY GOD, I want to say other nail polishes haven't been good because they've been cheap, but this set is only £1.99 and hasn't chipped after two days of wearing. I'm very hands on so my nails never last a day, but this set is a trooper! I bought it from H&M and it comes in so many colours, red, a teal colour which is perfect for my hair and this brown!

I love how these photographs turned out despite the weather not being on my side, they're dark and I feel like a gothic mermaid queen!

Until next time guys,


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