11 Jan 2017

I have a little horror story when it comes to Leopard print and I think thats why I've always been really comprehensive about buying it. I must of been at least fourteen, fresh onto social media thinking I was cool by taking 'selfies' (which weren't a thing then) pretty much everyday. I'd take photos in anything, new outfits, weird outfits (when I got more scene lol), pjs, hoodies, my school uniform, I'd document every moment online and this one time I had an outfit failure and I got pretty embarrassed by it.
I had bought a new zip up jacket and it was Leopard print, but in a greyscale style which I thought was pretty damn cool! It was cold so I had put on a scarf, not really caring and worn it around, it also being leopard print but a real faded, dark style and basically I got rinsed for it online. People from school, people I didn't know left really nasty comments about it looking a mess and how I was trying to hard, which embarrassed me a lot. I didn't even care about what I had on enough to notice it may of clashed, but the comments from 'friends' really put me off ever wearing that jacket or scarf again. In fact some girls hid the jacket when I was in PE and I never found it again. A couple of years after my Mum bought me this really fancy Leopard print coat and I wore it a couple of times, but with it being so nice I just felt it would get ruined just wearing it out casually, so that too never got worn. 


So I've always been put off a little by Leopard print on myself but loved it on others, my favourite being when it's styled really ALT or a perfect touch to a gothic/vintage outfit. I never tend to see anything I'd personally wear, until I saw this absolutely beauty just being put into sale! 10 points to Gryffindor if anyone can guess where it's from? Of course it's from H&M do I shop any where else nowadays? I'm terrible I know. In the store I work in they stock the Divided Grey clothing which is Goth heaven, it's so grungy and screams Girl with the dragon tattoo. Everything tends to be a just a little bit more pricy in that section so I tend to look and dream, then shamelessly wait for sale to pounce on the great finds. This top was only £4!!

I tend to only ever wear white shirts or really subtle patterned like my bird shirt (which is featured in my last outfit post) so I'm quite excited to add this baby to my wardrobe! It's not exactly like a basic shirt, it's see through so I did add a black vest! I love how faded the colouring is, it's such a subtle print which has these blacked out spots which then fade into the pattern. You could dress this incredibly dark but smart, or dressed down with a cute pinafore or A-line skirt! I decided to add a little edgy but definitely a comfortable approach with my Mom jeans and high waisted ripped which created a grungy style. I recently bought some boots from Primark with a buckle feature and I thought they looked perfect to add a little something else to the look. 

Shirt // H&M . Ripped Jeans // BOOHOO . Boots // PRIMARK . Vest // NEXT  

The shirt is slightly cropped at the front and long at the back, so I've been loving wearing it with jeans  to show off it's feature! I literally never leave a shirt un tucked but I love how dressed down this look is, just because theres so much going on but it doesn't look like too much effort has gone into it. I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for more goodies in the Divided Grey sale!

How would you style this shirt? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,