21 Jan 2017

I'd say (and many people have told me) that I have a very good memory, but when I try to think back to what pieces in my wardrobe I was loving this time last year, I can't even recall anything happening in January. Winter to me was a blur last year because I had the big bad dissertation at university to write, so I pretty much spent most of my time in baggy tops or dresses that I'd no doubt also slept in, or in my work uniform as I'd do late night shifts in aa bar/kitchen then run back to the library to smash out 7000 words. Without looking on social media or my blog, I honestly can't think of my staple pieces last year, but my preference in clothing has 100% changed this winter round. I've never really been one for comfortable clothing, sweats, jeans, jumpers, they've never really been my thing, but for the past cold winter months you've not been able to get me out of them!

When I was seventeen I completely swore off jeans, I don't know why, I just hated how they made me legs look and because I'm so short the styles I wanted just never fitted me right. The leg was either too long, they we're too baggy on my waist, or just simply didn't fit over my bum without being two sizes bigger than I needed which is an obvious no. I hated jeans, they constricted my legs so I never wore them, it was always leggings, tights, dresses, a weird phase that only recently I've come out of if I'm honest. I bought a pair of high waist jeans from Topshop a year or two ago and they are my GO TO pair of skinnies and I've never been able to find anything like them in another store. Top shop supplying the perfect skinnies is no secret as everyone I meet has that one amazing fit pair, but it's made me really...hesitant to try anywhere else. The only other style of jeans I like to wear are 'Mom' jeans purely because they're meant to be loose and high waist, so when I came across these 'Booty fit' style jeans in H&M I freaked and bought them two seconds after they were put out on the shop floor. They are the most comfortable jeans I've ever owned which I've been wearing pretty much all winter, a statement I never thought I would say after hating jeans for years.

I really don't know where this comfortable style has come from, literally a couple of months ago in Autumn I was constantly in dresses, floral print and tried to not wear tights until the ground was covered in frost. I love wearing long floaty skirts or dresses (like I mentioned in my last post) but the second it turned winter I threw them all in the wardrobe and have lived in my jeans. Despite jeans being a casual piece, I've loved dressing them up as I love anything that brings in my waist! I instantly feel better about what I have on when I pair the jeans with a belt and some boots, even heels when I've been going to a bar! Jumpers, fancy tops, which is why I was incredibly happy when Rosewholesale got in contact and sent me this beautiful ruffle blouse*! If you followed my blog back in summer and saw the majority of my fashion posts, I wore to death off the shoulder dresses! They were so comfortable in the heat and I styled them with some loose, gothic jewellery or tight chokers! I lived in them all summer, so to have an off the shoulder piece back in my life has made my winter. With wearing high waist jeans I've wanted tops or shirts which hold all the detail up top, because I always tuck them in with a belt. These jeans are way to big for me but I wanted them to have a baggy leg (and to fit over my bum nightmare) so the tops I edge towards always have fun details up top. I love how this blouse not only has an extra frill layer running around the back of the top, but a button down feature! It's super smart whilst also being dressy, I can't wait to dress this up more in warmer weather, but for now I'm loving giving it a more gothic look.

I feel incredibly feminine wearing the blouse, I love how interesting the extra layer is and how it looks puffy on the shoulders. I can't think how else I would style it because I love how it looks with my high waist jeans and a good chunky belt! A high waist skirt would have the same effect, but as all I want is to be super comfy this winter, I'm happy with this combination of clothing! I really can't stand being cold so I'm not a huge fan of winter, I can't wait for spring so I can shed my huge fur coat for my denim jackets!

How would you style an off the shoulder blouse?

Thankyou so much Rosewholesale for sending me such a beauty!

Until next time,

Disclaimer: Any product marked with a * was sent to me free in exchange for a review/blog post, all opinions on the product are true and my own!

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