9 Jan 2017

It feels so good to be back with an outfit of the day post, fashion blogging is what I love to do here on my corner of the internet, so i've been a little sad not to have put together a fashion related post in ages. I just haven't had the daylight or days off to do it and straight off to start the new year my boyfriend and I are moving to a completely new city! It's all happening this month so I hope I can stop to snap more outfit photographs, but we'll have to see on that front. Just lately I've not really been browsing any other clothing stores apart from H&M where I work and the new Primark which just opened around the store, purely because I've had zero time to do anything for myself. Anything I need doing is rushed of my work break, so when I need to let off a little steam I make mental notes of clothes I really like whilst working on the shop floor and then when I finish I snatch them up as if another customer has the same exact top in my exact size in their desires to purchase to. Everyone laughs at me because I'll be shadowing an item I love all day just to make sure no one else has bought what I want. I'm silly but especially with January sales now hitting everywhere, those amazing finds need to be bought asap! Two items I have on today were actually in the sale, so I managed to swoop in to buy them at the right time!

I've really wanted a new leather jacket for about a year now, but honestly I've not come across a black version that I've loved, so when I found this cropped baby with silver zip features, I had to have it. I did jump on the Zara colourful leather jacket craze and I bought the blue one, but it's not black is it. I think a black leather jacket is something everyone needs in their wardrobe, it makes an outfit cool, can be that warming extra layer in early summer and makes me feel like a biker (I mean is it just me that feels cool to feel like a biker in leather and boots?) It's a jacket you can pair with anything, so I thought it was about time I traded in my old one and bought a new baby to wear to death. This jacket is very subtly cropped as it comes to your waist, which is a fantastic feature to show off whatever you're wearing underneath, whether it's a shirt poking out or your new skinny jeans. At only £24 it was an absolute BARGAIN. 

As for the rest of the outfit, of course it's from H&M. Winter is a really hard month for me because I want to wear less layers, but that means I then freeze to death. In a quest to keeping myself warm I decided to pair a long dress (which I found in sale for only £10!!) and an old faithful white shirt which has cute, delicate birds illustrated on it. I think a white shirt is so easy to dress with anything and adds that little smart touch. 

I've been loving the whole shift dress craze which is currently going on, especially with how they're being layered with our favourite 90's mesh tops, but what I LOVE about this particular dress is the added features which you don't notice at first. On the back it has a connecting thread to the two straps and on either side there are two slits running up the dress! I've either not worn tights at all or had fish nets on to give it a little detail. The dress does hang from me but I think thats what I love most about it, it's super comfortable which is all we want in winter. I also found my shoes in sale from Primark which are super comfy. I also fear wearing new shoes to work but these boots couldn't be more sturdy but soft feeling inside. A cheeky little buckle feature really gives them something else. 

What has been your favourite craze in fashion this winter? 

Until next time,