19 Jan 2017

Have you ever seen an item of clothing and despite how much it is (which wasn't cheap oops) just thought 'I need that in my life, right now, where is my bank card someone get my money I want to throw it at this item of cloth'? thats how I felt when I saw this dress. Long dresses or skirts have to be a staple piece for my wardrobe, not only are they super comfortable but I find them to be very feminine! Don't even get me started on a vintage style long dress, anything that brings in my waist and makes me feel like a floating princess has me sold. 

I always sway for a long dress but with it being winter I really have tucked them away to the back of the wardrobe, reaching for more comfortable things such as jumpers and jeans! I've really been into jeans this winter which is new for me, I usually stay so far clear or anything restrictive on my legs, but I found the perfect 'mom' style, high waist which I've practically lived in for weeks. Theres no reason I couldn't wear a long dress in cold weather, it'd cover me up, I could dress it with a long jumper or cardigan which I did in Autumn, it's just the idea of then having to layer it with some tights underneath which completely puts me off. I go through phases of what clothes I like to wear and at the moment tights are a big NO, and apparently were dresses until I found this beautiful piece.


I came across this dress in H&M funnily enough when I wasn't at work but when I was shopping with friends, I didn't plan on picking anything up but my heart did a little jump when I saw it and long story short, it became mine. I love how even in small sizing it's made to be a little baggy, hanging loose on the waist but you can simply add a belt like I have done to bring in your waist. The ruffles on the shoulder have to be my favourite feature and it runs down the body too, which I think works perfectly to not make the dress look plain. Would you class this as polka dot? The pattern reminds me so much of dot work which is a style of artwork I do myself! I haven't seen a pattern like this before so I've been excited to dress it up since I purchased it!

Another item I found at the same time was this black fake leather bag which was in the sale! For a couple of weeks now I've been casually popping into shops looking for a new bag, but nothings ticked all the boxes like this one does! It's so big but doesn't get in the way hanging by your side, the handles are fake snake skin with a strap so that you can use the bag as a satchel (the strap isn't long which makes me love it more) I swear I couldn't of found a more perfect bag for me. It was only £10!

I've found this post really hard to write and if I'm honest with you all, I'm not too happy with how the photos turned out, so maybe subconsciously I've been putting off publishing this lookbook. The lighting turned out so weird but I do love how the photos are set, so I couldn't bare shadowing this outfit to the drafts just because the brightness is a tad too bright for me. I'm in a slump with blogging I think and the stress of moving outside of blogging isn't helping either, but hopefully when I'm all settled again everything will good again! I love creating lookbooks and doing fashion related content, so hopefully you like the direction I'm taking heartshapedbones.

Until next time guys,

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