8 Jan 2017

Happy Sunday guys! I only posted once this week which isn't like me, but a couple of big things have come up, so balancing them with full time work really has been hard. I spent most of yesterday taking outfit photographs so we should be back to regular content that I love to post, more outfit of the days, personal posts and I have some new things to come. When sitting down to write my new year resolutions I thought past that and asked myself what I really wanted to do in the new year, something fun, so amongst plans like doing something new each week, reaching social media goals, working my way to manager at work, I decided to do something fun and document myself every day by taking part in the photo a day challenge. I want see how I grow in a year, visually, so I thought this would be a fun idea to do and share it with you guys each Sunday in a week summary post! I can talk about what I did, how I felt each day, kind of like a diary entry. I think that's what I'm missing here on my blog, a personal consistency.

Sunday 01 - I was utterly out of use on Sunday. I went out the previous night for NYE and I really felt it the day after. I rolled around, crawled to the store to buy some food and just spent most of my day watching Jane the Virgin (which I'm all caught up with and it makes me sad) Joel went to work and I honestly can't remember what I did before getting into bed.

Monday 02 - Back to work! Monday classed as a bank holiday so work was surprisingly busy, we always experience the January blues with a lack of customers but jesus it was busy for our first day back at work after the new year. I felt good though, I straightened my hair which I haven't done in ages and got myself out off to work. When I came home I managed to film so many videos for my channel!

Tuesday 03 - 2nd day of five days in a row, but the death of shopping happened and it was such a slow day at work. Sometimes when I've worked a full day I just drop when I get home, I feel as if I got straight home and just went to bed. How boring. I did post a Q&A video on my channel and wrote a post for my blog, so atleast I was a little productive.

Wednesday 04 - I finished work early because I did a delivery shift, so I went to the pub straight after, spent a little time with Joel and then headed to the Library to print off some art prints to send out. I love working in the library, it's so quiet and smells of coffee.

Thursday 05- Work was dead again but this time I was leading the shifts at work, so I felt as if I had every task to do and all of a sudden work was over. Walking to meet Joel so we could get some food, my Dad rang to confirm that the job he's got Joel starts at the end of the month, so we need to pack up and move out of York to where the rest of the men live who Joel will be traveling with. I'm so excited but stress mode has hit, we thought we'd be moving at the end of February, so I feel the panic is going to come soon.

Friday 06 - My last day of five at work, and I spent all morning ringing estate agents to arrange viewing some houses. We're moving back to Doncaster, so I also went home to my parents after work ready to view the properties on Saturday. I love spending time with my family, my brothers girlfriend is pregnant so we spent all night looking over baby clothes and things she'll need!

Saturday 07 - So the viewing got cancelled and I was gutted. To not waste the day my mum and I drove around the areas where I'd wanted to view properties, and learnt that one of them was a complete shit hole. So we won't be living there. I'm happy we checked out the areas because now I know where I want to live, and hopefully I'll get to sort out viewing on Monday.

What did you do this week? Also any tips on moving to a completely new city is much appreciated xoxo

Until next time,