The Night Before Christmas Lush Giftbox

3 Jan 2017

I feel as if I haven't done a Lush post in so long and it really has been, considering they're one of my favourite brands for skincare and bath products, I'm surprised in myself that it's taken this long! I tend to buy products from Lush all through out the year, but never huge amounts which is why there isn't more Lush posts on my blog. I'm going to work on that this year so you get to see more of my favourite products at big times of the year (Valentines, Mothers day, Halloween, etc) so lets kick if off with two of my favourite products from the Christmas range, which so happens to come together in a gift box called The Night Before Christmas!

The first ever Lush product I tried was Snowfairy the shower cream, I remember smelling it when my best friend bought a bottle and from there I fell in love with Lush. Christmas time at Lush held a magic for me because I was opened to so many products which only came once a year, and from there was born a bath bomb buying mad woman. At this time of year Lush release some amazzingggg gift boxes, of all shapes and sizes, ranging in price and offer some of our favourite winter products. This is the first time I've tried out The Night Before Christmas giftbox, but the goodies inside I would give my right arm for.

Shooting for the Stars Bath Bomb - This blog is sooo god damn beautiful, like a majestic blue and golden mermaid but in bath bomb form. The bomb has had a design change and instead of looking like a midnight sky, it now has glittery stars imprinted into it, which also explode out into the water as it melts away. It really makes the bath water look like the night sky, which as soothing as the Brazilian orange scent or how soft it makes your skin feel. There's an oily texture which is perfect to rub into your skin as you take a dip. The after feel of your skin is AMAZING. Disclaimer* I don't recommend shaving with this bath bomb, the small hairs collect in the oily texture and stick around your bath at the edge of the water.

Snow Angel Bath Melt - I can't think of any other product which is as perfect to be in this gift box along side Shooting for the Stars, the Snow Angel bath melt being another favourite of mine. It's completely different to the bombs I go for, it doesn't turn your bath glorious colours, but instead gives your bath a white soft foam. The under layer of the melt is pure glitter, so you have that beautiful golden glisten to your bath! There's so many great things to this melt, it has a scent of marzipan which is so sweet AND contains cocoa butter to leave your skin feeling super soft. It's not a fast burner like a bomb, the melt sits on your water and floats around, the glitter slowly entwining with the water to give you a gentle lush experience. If you're wanting a subtle bomb but has such a good affect on your skin, I'd definitely try this little angel out! 

This giftbox may not contain loads of Lush products, but it has my two favourites which makes this the perfect present for me! Do not be surprised if next Christmas you all get this from me, your skin will thank me. repeatedly as you soak in the bath.

Whats your favourite giftbox from Lush? What do you think to these products?

Until next time guys,

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