How to style a Snapback with Salaam Apparel

20 Feb 2017

One thing I absolutely love to do when it comes to fashion is experiment, my own personal style never being a set in stone thing! I wear what makes me feel most comfortable and it really depends on what I want to wear when I wake up in the morning. I could be feeling goth as hell, colourful if the suns out or wanting to wear the lightest piece of clothing I can find. I love to layer this winter but as we're coming upon Spring I can see myself pulling out lighter pieces from my wardrobe, whites, thin, long skirts and t-shirts! I'm always open to play around with new pieces that I normally wouldn't go for, which is where we say hello to Salaam Apparel!
When I say I am a hat person I mean I own numerous of beanies and big floppy hats, I did wear the odd cap/snapback back in the day, or when I borrowed an ex-boyfriends but they were always more towards skating brands. I'd never thought to style a snapback but now I see it more as a challenge, a way to step up my game and to entwine it in with my wardrobe. There's so many styles to wearing a snapback in 2017, I thought I would come up with three different outfits, different styles to showcase how I wear a snapback*!

LOOK ONE. My first outfit definitely is a very casual one, almost punky with no thought put into it what so ever! I'd say grunge in the sense it's effortless, just a band tee style t-shirt with my favourite ripped jeans to give me some comfort. One of my favourite styles of jeans for the past couple of years is mom jeans, they're loose, stylish by being high waist and the perfect 90's throw back. If you don't feel like Rachel Green when wearing Mom jeans you're doing something wrong! Anyway, when receiving the snapback I knew I wanted to create a 'skater' type look, so I decided to dress it with a print t-shirt, my new favourite because it has a panther on it with the slogan 'feeling it! Loving your vibes!' which instead of being cringy, I absolutely love. It's so positive with the really bold 80's style colours, red, electric blue and yellows! Almost to match I decided to pair it with my white high top converse, shoes I would always wear if I went to the skate park with friends! I miss summer days taking lots of food and sitting with friends whilst some of us skated, the rest just enjoyed the heat.
One of my favourite features about the snapback is the white peace sign on the front, I think it stands out, looks cool and goes perfect with this first outfit and the vibes I'm trying to throw!


 LOOK TWO. Of course I had to do something a little bit more gothic, but with my own little twist of again making it slightly more punk! I think hats can really tie an outfit together, so wearing this snapback really makes me want to make an outfit fresh looking in a fun way. Punk is fun! I first started out putting this outfit together with something fancier in mind, but I feel as if a snapback makes an outfit more casual so I wanted to balance that out. The dress is a simple black bodycon with a cross over feature on the chest, a popular style back in 2016 and I feel asif I didn't wear this dress enough last year! It's thin material but also long sleeved, making it perfect for a warm afternoon with a promising cool night. I'm getting a little ahead of myself so whilst we're still in Winter (cmonnnn spring) I decided to add a checked shirt over the top, adding a slightly more urban style to my outfit. This wouldn't be an outfit post by me if I didn't include some chunky boots, so I decided to pair it with these booties from H&M because I feel as if a delicate shoe just wouldn't of looked right. To add another chunky accessory I went with a thick choker, keeping the whole colour scheme black and white to match the hat! I have to say it's an easy style of snapback to style, black being the perfect colour of choice for me and stands out against my green hair.


LOOK THREE. I wanted to go in a complete different direction for my third look so I decided to put together an outfit that was feminine, but still had a distinct style! Embracing the cold weather I wanted to see how I could layer up a long jumper, the light grey being a perfect starting place to add other colours/layers. With the hat being black I went for my trusty black pointy toed boots, slim fitted and my go to when I want to go out for drinks but not have my feet hurt hours into the night. Now for my favourite part, I decided to dress it with this AMAZING PEACH METALIC JACKET!!! Bombers are big at the moment but they've never been anything I've held an interest in, until I found this beauty in sale for only £5! It's shiny and beautiful, contrasting so subtly with the grey of the jumper! What I love is nothing is too bright in this outfit, the hat dressing it down so I could wear this look whilst just out shopping or chilling outside for the day. I completely love how easy this snapback was to dress, both feminine like this look or more relaxed like the others!


This was such a fun post to put together and I'm pleasantly surprised to have styled the snapback three times, with ease! All outfits I'd love to wear out soon, especially when the weather gets better.

Have you heard to Salaam Apparel? Definitely check them out! How would you style this snapback?

Until next time guys,

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