22 Feb 2017

I feel like a bubble gum fairy goddess and my god does it take me back to when I actually had pink hair!
Hair is something really important to me but I mean it in a way which doesn't come across as pathetic, I feel as if I have to say this because the internet can be a hard place sometimes as I've experienced. Back in 2015 I had pink hair, but from bleaching my hairdresser had an accident and snapped so much of my hair off. It was hideous and I was so upset, I couldn't even get it up in a bobble and to make my hair look full I had to cut some extensions short to fit with my bob, so that I didn't look like half my hair was missing. I made a video on youtube about how it was a little traumatizing to hair your hair ruined and got mixture of reviews, most understanding but a few people who we're total nobheads. So I feel as if I have to say that I know it's not the worst thing that could ever happy to you, but it did upset me very badly because I do care about my appearance. I like my appearance, so to have some ruin that was upsetting.
In that time period of messing with my hair I really got into wigs, I loved wearing a long black one because it really changed up my look as I had barely a bob anymore. Eventually I did move on to micro bead extensions, but I missed how easily you could change your look up by just simply putting on a wig! I have a little collection forming for dressing up, cosplay, fancy dress, etc, so when Koko Couture we're looking for bloggers to work with I jumped at the chance to get my wig on again! 

Koko Couture are a British fashion brand who offer not only hair products such as extensions, but bags and the latest clothes in women's fashion! You can't beat a luxury brand that gives you good quality products, so I had no doubt in my mind that their wigs would impress. They literally have every shade of creative colours to choose from, I could even of matched my current green hair colour now if all you wanted was a change in hair length! They all looked so good which made it hard to choose, but I decided to opt for a blast from the past and went for the pastel pink party wig* so I could feel like princess bubble gum again! First impressions on arrival from the post man was hello nice professional white casing! I love it when a brand goes the extra mile with packaging so I was ecstatic to open this baby!
The wig comes protected in a hair net style netting, which you untie easily and then all you do is to shake out the wig! The curls come quite tight, so if you want your wig to look more natural just give it a little shake or even a careful brush through! At first touch I have to say the wig feels amazing, even now (I've worn it three times, taking these photos and even worn out) it still feels super soft. As someone who wears wigs I did have my own wig cap, because Koko couture wigs don't come with one, but even worn without the wig has fitted hooks in to adjust the wig securely to your head! Meaning you don't really need a wig cap, your hair is hidden just fine! The fringe section of the wig is long enough if you wish to cut it, but also is styled as a side fringe but hiding the 'parting' so it isn't obvious you're wearing a wig. I do find this fringe style of wigs hard to style, but with some hair grips it's easy to pin them out of your face!

Thankyou so much Koko couture for sending me over such a beautiful piece! If you haven't already definitely check out their website, their clothing and bags are fantastic!

Until next time guys,

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