My Current Favourite Blogs! February 2017

2 Feb 2017

I feel as if I've been in and out of writers block and phases of inspiration to blog for so long now. I'm certain it comes hand in hand with the cold months because the second Winter hits I don't want to do anything, I rarely go outside because it's too cold and I just want to curl up to watch films (I'm sponge watching supernatural tv series like teen wolf eeee) or sleep! It happens every Winter, I get lazy and it really has reflected here on Heartshapedbones. I've lacked my usual...spirit in January and I refuse to let it continue! So heres to more and better content!

Whilst procrastinating all month I did manage to catch up and read some blogs, some old, some new which is exciting because I'm always on the hunt for new bloggers! I have my good ol' faithful blogs which I read religiously and here are the new additions I've added to my daily blog read.

robowecop - leeds based - rhianna
I love the content that Rhianna creates, but my ultimate favourite thing about her blog has to be her amazing photograph quality! It is goals, big fat major goals and is utterly amazing! I find myself daily checking her blog and being blown away by her photographs which is only a can half opened because her content adds to how amazing her blog posts are. Rhianna seems absolutely down to earth and I actually got to meet her at the bloggers blog awards, which is also when I found she has a youtube channel (all my favourite kind of people do!!!) which really shows her personality in such a comfortable manor. For more of her amazing photographs definitely give her Instagram a follow!

midnightandlace - lincoln based - robyn
 Robyn not only is my goth sister but she has to be the most supportive person I know out there on the internet, but I've also had the privilege to meet her in real life too! I feel as if the word privilege is really only used for a select type of person (like it'd be a privilege to meet the queen) but it really does apply to Robyn because she's so bloody awesome. I love her blog because she keeps her content fresh and original, each post about something different than the last. She addresses feminism, health, loving yourself, Halloween, she's even started doing OOTD fashion posts which is my ultimate favourite type of post! She's killing it, her personal style is dark and I love it. Robyn is definitely a friend you need in your life. 

Zara Werid Power Top

iamfoxxtailz - north Yorkshire based - jess  
I first came across Jess when I met her at a lush event in York, I loved her personal style because she blows looking cool and alternative out of the park! She wears what she wants, whenever she wants and isn't that what fashion is all really about? One thing I get so bored of is seeing luxury fashion bloggers or sheep who follow the same trends, so it's super refreshing to see Jess post frequently what she's been wearing! Her hair also gives me life. 

vixmeldrew - London based - Vicky 
I consider Vix a big blogger, purely because I watched her win a blogger blog award and the quality of her blog is just perfection! Everything shines professionalism, her content is fantastic and engaging whilst her blog layout is just goals. I really appreciate a blog that is a full package, I daily check up on and find myself not only just reading her new post but so many past ones too! She addresses so many different subjects than other bloggers and has to be the first sex blog I've ever read. I love reading about her opinion on dating, sex, men, women, it's such a good insight to what others think about something we all do. 

popcornandglitter - london based - sophie
Sophie is my good old faithful, one of the first blogs I ever found and still remains one of my favourites! Again popcornandglitter is another blog which is a complete winner for me, Sophie really brings everything, especially with her photography which is amazing! I'm in complete awe of her flat lays when she does a product review, as well as her fashion posts which she killlllls. If I had to put a blogger on a pedestal it really is Sophie for me. I rarely see a lot of the blogs I follow do food posts too which is another reason I love popcorn and glitter, the detail she goes into really makes you feel asif you're there trying the food!

 rockettequeen - ireland based - aoife
 I came across Aoife on twitter and when I checked out her blog I couldn't stop myself from coming back to check up on if she had new posts! My favourite thing about twitter is how all us bloggers can engage with one another, and I'm always interested in seeing what Aoife has to say. As for her blog again, she knocks her photographs right out of the park. What attracted me to a blog is good photography, products or fashion photos rockettequeen is the place to be! I love how clean cut they are.

saltandchic - durham based - amy
Saltandchic again is another blog I consider to be big and it was amazing to see Amy win the best fashion blog award because I voted for her so many times! Her blog really is goals, I love how despite being an absolute queen at an OOTD, she also creates posts on travel, beauty, food, life, etc. She really does it all in her own style, which is what brings me back to her blog time and time again. One of my favourite posts definitely has to be her instagram vs real life, where she goes through the photos that didn't make it to instagram, compared to the one that did! 

Photo credit goes out to the bloggers included in this post, definitely give each one of them a read and a follow because seriously, these ladies are goals with their blogs.

What blogs are you loving at the moment?

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