My Current Favourite Things \\ February

7 Feb 2017

I feel as if I haven't done a favourites post in a while now and I'm pretty sure my last one was in November! Which considering I love to do them, is shocking. I love to put together the items in a flat lay because what blogger doesn't love a good flat lay (my best friend Robyn doesn't and I'm determined to turn her around) so I don't know why I've been lacking when it comes to creating a haul of things to share with you guys, but if you do want to see what I loved in both December & January, check out my youtube channel.

Everything about my new home is my favourite thing at the moment and I am so house proud because we've really made it our own in such a short space of time! We had everything unpacked within a couple of days and now it's just those extra special bits I want to get like more plants (hehe) and big fancy mirrors! I feel like a proper adult having our own house now so without wanting to rave on too much again, I love our new furniture but I'll try to keep home ware far away from this list of faves! 

I completely dismissed that 'new home' cards and moving in presents we're a thing until our family gave us cards, which is super nice and they really didn't have to! My brothers girlfriend Ellie bought me possibly my most favourite thing in the world and that's candles, the snowflake cookie by Yankee Candle now being my living room scent for life. I love it! It's sweet but soothing at the same time, perfect for the cosy theme I want in the living room and it matches the soft dusty pink items I have in there too.

I've always relied on a planner to keep me organised especially when I was at university and also blogging, so I thought I would treat myself to a nicer one than my usual post office planner (I'm not even joking its so basic) and I found a great sale find in Oliver Bonas! York has a store and it's in the most perfect old building right in the centre of town, but I love the furniture and homeware they also do! This planner is huge and has everything, even stickers to decorate your calendar pages!

A quick home d├ęcor favourite and that's my art prints that I've finally got framed to have dotted around my kitchen! I've had a number of prints for years but I've never lived in a property where I've been able to put things up on the wall, so now I have lots of space the first thing I did was get myself some frames! I love this tea town print by blacksailsuk which sadly isn't an online store anymore, but I still love this pizza grim reaper!

(Teen Wolf has taken over my life)
Despite that I haven't bought any new makeup recently I still have a couple of favourites and these are products I've bought, used a few times but currently they can't do me no wrong! I've always loved this cream based highlighting palette by Sleek but I always found that I couldn't make it work, until I started to use it first on my cheeks then add a layer of powder highlighter! It shines so bright and I love it and the palette can be used on the eyes too! 
As for the Nyx Lingerie Lipstick in the shade Beauty Mark I've never gotten on with this shade as the quality is quite sheer, but it's as if it's a complete new product as it went on perfect without being too sticky with the layers I put on! It's a dark brown shade but I love how it's different, a cool tone which I don't have in my lipstick collection.

I've really fallen in love with Podcasts and they've been getting me through my commute to work, which isn't an easy one because I have to wait a lot whilst changing trains boo. I first started to listen to podcasts when a friend recommended Serial, so going down the crime/drama/murder genre I'm currently listening to the series My Favourite Murder and I can't praise it enough!! It's fantastic, a real insight into famous murders and not so famous as the two stand up comedians host a end of podcast session called 'my town murder' where they connect with their listeners who send in their town murders! I know a little morbid but I have this weird fascination with the subject, a thing everyone can share who listens to the podcast! I think that's what I love about the two ladies who host it, they understand how weird it is to be obsessed with murder.

You know when you find a pair of boots you've had for ages and now am completely in love with them again? When I bought these two years ago I just ended up not wearing them and now they're so comfortable I can't even fathom why I didn't wear them to death back then!

What are your current favourites?

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