OUTFIT OF THE DAY: How To Style A Hoody

8 Feb 2017

I never thought I would own a hoody as they are too relaxed for my own personal style, but when I saw this Nirvana hoody eyeing me up from the Men's section (yes it's men's, the best place to find slouchy clothes) I knew I had to have it! This hoody gives me everything I want; black, comfortable and most of all grungy Nirvana feels! Nirvana has always been one of my favourite bands and my collection of band t-shirts, records and books is forever growing, not to mention Kurt Cobain was destined to be my soul mate (I understand how impossible this is but I feel it in my heart so leave me alone whilst I silently cry).

Anyway. I tend to go into a mad frenzy the second I see anything Nirvana related especially when it comes to clothing, and I need to have it instantly or I'm scared another crazed Nirvana fan will run up behind me and instantly snatch it from my grip. So of course I did the same when it came to seeing this hoody, I ran over to the counter with my money and I don't regret a second of it. You can't comprehend how comfortable a hoody is until you actually have one, this quickly becoming my go to outta wear for both brazing the cold and when I just want to cosy up on the sofa!

Despite me being incredibly eager to buy this hoody, I really didn't know how to style it fashionably. Anyone can wear a hoody, anyone can wear anything if you think about it, but I wanted to add it in with my style and not have it stand out because I never wear hoodies. I used to wear a zip down when I was in collage but that was a complete style change to now, so of course I decided to go full goth and dress it with you guessed it black. 

A detail I love about this piece is the length, it doesn't stop at the hips like an ordinary hoody so it's you can hide your booty or even your front. I think thats the huge positive about buying mens close, they're always longer to make it extra cosy. I didn't think jeans would style up this outfit so I opted for some leather leggings, but I even think patterned or checkered leggings would do the trick! With the hoody being so baggy I think tight trousers balances it out. To almost honour the band I wanted to dress it a little grunge, so I've paired the leather with chunky boots, silver buckles to give me a little stomp. For leaving the house I also added a cropped leather jacket because hey, you can't have enough leather. It makes me feel really rock and roll to dress it with a jacket over the top. 


So my best advice is to always wear black (I kid) wear what makes you feel comfortable and the good thing with a hoody is it's effortless to dress it up, or just cosy up as it is a casual piece! 

How would you style this hoody?

Until next time, 

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