12 Feb 2017


One thing I learnt this week is that Robyn from Midnightandlace and I are incredibly pale and no amount of contrasting is going to help us! Hello everyone! I hope you're having a fabulously lazy Sunday, today I have something a little different than my usual weekly round up (I'm going to be doing a two week catch up next Sunday!) and I'm so excited to share a special outfit of the day fashion post because it's a collaboration with my goth sista! I had a birthday this week so I decided to take some time off work, making it the perfect time for Robyn to travel up to see me = going ultimate goth and making an outfit of the day.

Wearing black has always made me feel comfortable, probably from when I was thirteen exploring my style outside of wearing my school uniform. I had a friend at school who also loved to indulge in the goth-ier things, so I always felt like I could express myself too because I had a friend to also think it was cool! Even if it wasn't cool, I never felt more comfortable than sat in my friends room in our black vest tops, denim skirts and big bows clipping our fringes to the side! I had a pair of black converse that I wore to death, soon turning into creepers (I goth evolved) with my friend right by myself in her converse that turned to creepers! It's always great having a friend to share things with, so I'm happy that through blogging and this little platform I have on the internet I found Robyn because we really are a pair!
I'd say I dress alternative but really I just wear what I want. I love things Gothic, I love vintage clothing, but then I could wake up and want to wear a bohemian dress in white that makes me feel awesome. For me it's always about feeling comfortable, wearing clothes that make me feel really good and confident, which black tends to do because I feel like a sassy witch! Who wouldn't want to feel like that! I'd say it's a running joke with my friends, family and the internet that I'm a goth, the terms used so lightly now because clearly I'm not as extreme as say a cyber goth, or your traditional goth, but I would say I dress very on the dark side. Soft grunge is a thing apparently that I would use for myself, but hey, if I want to label my look as goth why the hell not! Goth is love, goth is life <3 I've missed having a friend to share that with me so when getting to know Robyn I've loved that we have the same style and interests, it's refreshing to be able to talk about things like our favourite podcast called 'My favourite murder' and blogging at the same time, whilst gushing over clothes that we like too. Girls need to support each other and spread the love, we don't need to do things alone so get supporting yo girls! Or goths, support your goths too <3


Whilst this post is about showing support to all the ladies, lets chat a little about the outfit! I've been layering my outfits like this all week with a dress over a shirt/top and it's felt so comfortable! Having that extra layer has kept me warm whilst also making me feel stylist, it's a very grunge 90's way of layering clothes but I found this velvet shift dress is perfect for just that. I've been dressing this shift dress really casual so for this look I thought I would dress it up a little, taking my floaty sleeved shirt out for a spin and I'm so in love with how big the sleeves are. Extreme bell sleeves! Whilst you could dress this up further I decided to throw on my trusty boots making it super wearable, adding some accessories to of course throw them witchy vibes! For my birthday Robyn bought me this beautiful necklace from Regalrose and I'm IN LOVE!

I couldn't imagine spending my birthday any other way than with family and friends I love and I just want to thank Robyn for making the day awesome! Goth sistas for lifey <3 Again, her blog is Midnightandlace so definitely check her out for amazing content! She's recently been diving into fashion blogging and she's killing it <3<3<3

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