OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Witches Come Out At Night

4 Feb 2017

There's nothing better than finding a piece of clothing that's completely you and oh, would you look at that it's also on sale! Before I worked in retail I barely went physically shopping, on occasion I'd nip into Zara or H&M after university (how the tables have turned) but I never took note of anything on sale. In fact I think I only ever glanced at the Asos sale online from time to time, or on boohoo, but I'd always go for clothes in the 'NEW IN' section because who doesn't love keeping up with the trends. Working with clothing still makes me want to keep up with the trends, but it also makes me spend a hell of a lot of money. I have this bad habbit of buying an outfit rather than just one item, which I'd like to say I'm going to stop doing, but I really like clothes..anyway. One thing that makes me feel less bad for spending my money is when I find a good buy in the sale, I'm talking about something that's either the last one in your size or reduced so much you have to blink twice and ask someone else if you're seeing the right numbers. Not only was this shift dress the last one, hidden amongst colourful summer dressed, fits me perfectly booty and all but it was only £5!!! My the lord have mercy on my black dressed soul.


Nothing gives me life more than a gothic laced dress which is also velvet. VELVET. I think a long shift dress paired with a t-shirt underneath is completely grunge, especially a dress such as this one with the lace fringing. It's amazing how adding layers can change an outfit so much, the dress on it's own being quite a gothic number, but with a striped top like I've used, instant grunge. I have a lot of long sleeve crop tops which I've been clueless on how to dress, but adding a dress over the top instantly makes it a new outfit. I wanted to really go with the grungy witch vibes this dress gave off so I paired it with clompy boots, silver jewellery and my trusty hat!

With further reductions going into sale I'm keeping my eyes peeled for some more amazing bargain finds!
Have you found any goodies in the sales this year?

Until next time,