A Lush Haul! Current Favourites & TWO Gift Boxes

3 Mar 2017

It wasn’t until Saturday night, my day off before I started my 6 shift week at work that I realised crap I didn’t take any outfit photographs to schedule! My blog is 80% fashion based and starting this year I really want to increase my outfit posts because it’s what I love to do! I started Heartshapedbones to be my personal style domain, adding little extras like my lifestyle posts and beauty! I love doing other stuff but 2017 goal is to step up my OOTD game, so I definitely failed this week by not preparing because I get zero done when I’m working all day throughout the week. Last night I was sat hammering my pencil into my ‘ideas notebook’ for my blog and I realised I hadn’t done a Lush haul in a very long time, and considering I’ve just bought a load of products I’m surprised in myself that this hasn’t come sooner! No outfit post this week but  I think getting a lush haul instead is a great second choice, if you hadn’t noticed from my blog, social media or Youtube channel I am a little Lushie till death do us part.

I bought a good bundle of products from the Doncaster store, but I also got given two gift boxes from my family for my birthday! (They all know me so well) The first gift box is the Happy Daze, which smells so strongly of fruits like lemons and oranges, it’s heart-warming! I tend to always go for softer/sweet smelling products so I’m excited to try these products out because I wouldn’t usually reach for them, but each individual smell is refreshing, sharp and makes me 100% more excited for Spring. The theme of the box is like a trip back to the 60’s, the packaging is amazing, but when doesn’t Lush come through with the pretty wrapping! This gift box is perfect for your early mornings, it’ll make you feel awake from the moment you step into your bath!

If you want a bath bomb which really gives you a show, I'd definitely go purchase the experimenter bath bomb! Not only does it contain popping candy but the vanilla absolute makes it smell so sweet! It also contains Tonka which is becoming one of my favourite ingredients to Lush's products, the sweet smell almost is smooth if that's even a plausible way to describe a scent. There's nothing more fun than an extremely colourful bath!

This one is a new product for me but the smell is utterly divine, mandarin, bergamot and tangerine, so every orangey goodness! I didn't think I was a fan of products that smell like oranges, but it's so tangy but soothing that it makes bath time 1000% times more fun. The tangerine are in the essential oils mixed with the bubble bar, leaving your skin feeling amazing. The citrus fragrance is one thing but it also leaves your bath a bright orange, getting you ready for a bright day ahead! 

The comforter has to be one of my favourites, the smell is so soothing with just the right level of sweet but it's not over powering! This one smells like black current which I haven't come across with other products, it's really makes your entire bathroom smell lovely so you can have a nice relaxing soak. The bubbles make your skin feel amazingly soft!

Another new one for me and it's not what it seems! This yellow bath bomb actually changes colour as it swirls around in your bath, creating a Catherine wheel of colour! Another one with popping candy, it smells like apples and cinnamon which despite it being apart of quite a bright/feeling fresh gift box, is perfect for the holidays! I love the sour smell but has a warm scent to it with the cinnamon.  

The second box is the Cosmo gift box, which contains two lush bath bombs which I’ve tried before and LOVED. The packaging if I’m honest doesn’t really suit the products inside or the theme of the box, both bombs represent the night sky and space, but the tie dye wrapping (which is cool) just doesn’t do it justice when you open up the box. The cool thing about the lush bombs are they almost contrast with each other, one really perfumed and the next having a clean sharp scent like after shave! Both bombs give a show which I love.

is is a bath bomb I love for the show, it creates your very own galaxy in your bath tub with colour, popping and glitter! GLITTER. It looks utterly beautiful in the water and I'd say would be perfect for men because of it's aftershave smell! It's a clean, sharp fresh smell which you can't go wrong with for a morning where you want a quick wake up!

The absolute opposite of it's mate in the Comso box, Twilight smells like sweet perfume and turns your bath first light pinks and blues, then getting darker like the night sky until your bath is purple! I love this bath bomb because its made with a purpose, the ingredients like Lavender, Benzoin and Tonka used to help you have a better night sleep and treat insomnia!

The valentines range has to be one of my favourites at Lush, I mean I do love the products at Halloween, but the soft scents of rose and candy takes a big place in my heart. I took a trip into my local Lush (Doncaster) and went to town, picking up some new products and my all-time favourites! I really am loving shower creams at the moment because it’s something I use every time I bathe. They leave my skin feeling amazing but also carry that scent with you, if you haven’t tried any of the Valentines themed products before definitely go for Prince charming, it’s my favourite shower cream and that’s bearing in mind I buy snow fairy every year too!

Adding to how much I love the rose scent in Lush at valentines, I had to go for one of my favourites and that's the rose bombshell bath bomb! The scent is so sweet but floral which is what draws me mostly in, the bath turning a beautiful pink with spots of blue, leaving your bath purple! I always love the bombs which give me the best show of colours, but the rose bombshell is just easy.

It’s the first time I’ve purchased the Rosejam show shower gel but from having rose jam bath bombs I knew I had to get my hands on this baby! I had to resist buying the big bottle and that was only because they were out of stock, but I’ve never smelt something so sweet but perfumey like this shower gel! Unlike the shower creams this one is almost…sticky? It clings to your skin like a normal shower gel but instantly hits you with its fragrance!

There’s nothing you can’t love about the unicorn horn, it’s a rainbow, smells amazing AND IS A FRIGGIN UNICORN HORN. I love this bubble bar because I can get so much out of it, breaking off the smallest chunks for the bath gives you loads of bubbles! Again I love the scent because there’s lots of lavender in this one to give you the most relaxed bath of your life. It’s nice to have just a bubble bar now and then, the Unicorn Horn perfect for those nights where you want a little you time.


Some products I love for how they make my skin feel, the Prince Charming shower cream is definitely one of those I love for the scent! My god! I tried it for the first time last valentines when it came with the lots of love gift set, fell head over heels but never bought a bigger bottle because it soon was out of stores! I was on it this year, it was the first product I bought when the February range came out, it smelling like pomegranate which is a scent I didn’t even realise I loved! It’s sweet but in a slight citrusy way. A shower cream is a lot thicker than the gels so it feels super soft on your skin, I can create foam super easy on my skin!


Plum rain is a new product to my collection, but I’ve seen everyone and their mothers raving on about it via Instagram! When I popped into Lush there was a massive display and half of the bottles were already gone, so I grabbed a medium sized bottle and I’ll never regret it! It smells closely like the comforter but if you used plum, it’s not a sharp smell and leaves you smelling all fruity after bath time!

Have you bought anything recently from Lush?

Until next time guys,