How To Make A Ceramic Moon Phase Hanging!

31 Mar 2017

 I'm incredibly excited for this post because it's something completely different then my usual content, but it's something I've ALWAYS wanted to do on my blog! If you didn't know already I am an illustrator but I also love crafts, home made embellishments and I've missed creating artwork so much lately. My plans when creating this blog was to involve a lot of art work, looking more into those interests of mine, but fashion and other aspects of my lifestyle took over in the end. I love the content I make, but now I think it's time to take things into a different direction slightly and here is my first D.I.Y!

So the idea to make a moon phase hanging piece came from a number of inspirations, I love to draw them, I've seen amazing paper built pieces on pinterest and I thought to myself 'hey, I haven't seen anything ceramic based' this being a media I like to use! The more I thought about the possibility of having a strong material hanging the more I needed to create one, so if you're also intrigued into building one yourself you can use this D.I.Y to make your very own moon phase hanging!

You will need:
  • Ceramic sculpting compound (I bought mine from Ebay)
  • a knife or something to cut with
  • rope, thread or wire
  • An oven and baking tray
  • Paint & paint brush (white paint definitely, black too if you want more detail)

So the first step is getting to know the material, getting it out of the box and cutting it all up into sections so we can mould it into the moons! I didn't really use any measurements to cut the material, I just sectioned them out into big enough pieces. After doing this I then started to roll them all into balls, then pressing down firmly I flattened them out into circles. To get the edges smooth I simply massaged them with my palms, the entire circle piece being quite thick so that it becomes a solid piece of ceramic.

Next I returned to using the same appliance (just a simple kitchen knife) to cut out the different phases of the moon, leaving light imprints into the surface to then go in with the cutting! I cut out seven pieces, a full moon for the centre, two moons with just a little cut out, two half moons and then two crescent! To make sure that both of the same sized moons were the same I used the first as a template for the second.

I then using the end of a paint brush poked holes into the top half of the moons so that we can later lace through the thread! I messed up on this step because I did them all the same way, but you want to layer out your moons the way you're going to hang them so that the holes will be the correct way later on.

Oven time! I popped the pieces onto an over tray and I advice you to follow the instructions on the back of the box. I pre heated the oven to the temperature stated on the box, putting the pieces into the oven for only 12 to 15 minutes and some still came out a little burnt! This is perfectly fine because the next step involves paint! After taking the tray out of the oven I left the pieces to fully cool down, then when cold all the way through I started our next step which is the fun creative part!

I started firstly with white paint to just coat both sides of the pieces, acrylic paint as I find it think and dries super quick. I then started to personalise my pieces, adding scratches of grey paint to make the pieces look more like moons. Adding my own personal touches I added a little shiny green and purple, but this is completely personal preference. You could even taken colours from your bedroom or room you want to hang this in to incorporate those colours!

After the pieces have been in the oven the holes we punched in earlier should still be big enough for our next step! This again is personal preference, you can use thread, wire or rope to create the hanging. I recommend something strong as the ceramic pieces can have some weight to them, thread is perfect for paper based pieces but for this wire or small rope is good! I used white thin rope as it's easy accessible in stores and cheap. Starting from the right side you want to loop the rope through the back and out of the front, through each piece so that they all sit the same way on the rope! You're then ready to hang the moon phase! You can loop your ends to sit on two nails or simply tie it to whatever you're wanting to hang this between! I recommend getting two nails and putting them into your wall so that you can have the rope attached to both.

Here is the finished moon phase hanging! I had so much fun creating it and I hope you find these steps really easy to follow to make your own. I think it's quite quick to make and perfect if you're wanting to add something unique to your wall! I'd recommending having it hanging above your bed.

Is there any D.I.Y's you would like me to try? What did you make to this one?

Until next time guys,