I had a little fun changing up my hair!

7 Mar 2017

I love to experiment with my hair, for anyone who has known me for a long time or has been here on heartshapedbones since I had pink hair, this isn't a new fact! Its not that I get bored of my look...I just really want to change things up, I get used to my hair and then I see something or get an idea, meaning of course I have to follow it through. Before I dyed my hair pink all I saw online was pink hair, I fell into a world of pastels on Tumblr and then I took the plunge. It was the same with green, I'd wanted it that colour for so long, I couldn't decide on acid green or teal, so I just went for it and got a mixture with some blue in there too! I loved it, but as someone with bills to pay, a dog to feed and a job which is just minimal wage, I just couldn't follow the up keep. The last time I did my roots was New Years eve (how bad is that!?) so I decided I needed to do something a little more permanent, something that didn't need as frequent attention as brightly coloured hair. I also missed my black hair a little, so this black to green ombre is perfect for me! 

    I did this ombre myself so I was incredibly nervous the whole time, no tutorial showed how to do the top of an ombre because normally they just highlight the ends of their hair! I got the gist of having to blend the two colours (obvs) so I just prepared the black dye and went for it, doing the under layer first just to cover my roots because they were atrocious and then covering the top layer of my hair and blending down just using my gloves to spread at different layers down my hair. I went for it further down on my layered strands around my face and then quite high at the back, just so the green is still really visible. After washing out the black in the sink I feel as if it bled into the green because it does seem darker, but I love the end result! Who says you cant DIY your hair from home.

What do you think of the ombre? If I want to add teal to the ends what dye do you suggest I go for?

Until next time,

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