Outfit of the day: I hate stereotyping fashion

17 Mar 2017

So I bought some knee high boots. At least two years ago I first saw my best friend wear them at our uni digs and I thought to myself wow, she really pulled them off! They’d never been a style of shoe I’d been interested in, but from then I really wanted a pair to see how I would style them myself. With being at university though I couldn’t really afford to randomly splash out on a pair because everywhere I looked (mainly public desire) they we’re always out of my price range, so I just put that out of my mind. UNTIL NOW!

As I’ve said many times before H&M is a glorious place for me because it stocks the style of fashion I love to wear and constantly has sale going on, so when I saw these boots for only £20 in sale I knew I had to grab them! A little late on the train, but I finally have some knee high boots which I can’t wait to style in a retro/60’s type of way! I spent some time at my family home this weekend and purely because my parents have the most picturesque garden I took my boots along with me so I could get some photographs in the sunshine. I took them out of my bag, threw on my gogo style dress with my metallic jacket, put the boots on to go outside and my Mum said “those boots are very slutty”…are they slutty? I immediately looked at her shocked, I NEVER would have described them in such a way, but really how can a boot be slutty? Was my Mum trying to say I look slutty? My Sister then agreed with her which made me even more angry, how in the world did they just slut shame my boots? Of course I know they we’re calling me a slut, far from what they were getting at but I just couldn’t believe they said my boots looked slutty. To me I’ve always seen knee high boots as beautiful, the way bloggers wear them with dresses, long jumpers, Aline skirts to really create a retro look! I can’t look at a piece of fashion and stereotype it because I see so many bloggers online change up the game, they style items completely different and I’ve generally become bolder in what I wear since blogging. I would never look at these boots and think ‘I can’t wear those they’re so slutty looking’ but since my family judged my appearance I became really uncomfortable. I thought my outfit looked really good which is why I’m sharing it on my blog, because I do think it looks good! I love how my boots look with my dress and jacket which I can’t bear to be without. Will I wear my boots around them? Probably not though.


Despite the negativity from my family, I love this look! I haven't worn this dress in a very long time, but I've wanted to bring more of my lighter pieces of clothing out in my wardrobe ready for spring! I think it has the cut of a gogo dress too which fits perfect with the 60's look I wanted to create, but in a more subtle form. It's so different to items I have, it's a turtle neck and has pockets which is always a winning point for a dress. I've been inseparable from this jacket since I hunted it down in the sale at H&M, it pretty much goes with anything I've been wearing this spring and hello it's metallic! I was really on the fence about purchasing it even with it only being £4 because I doubted the wear I'd get out of it, but with the weather turning around to a small cold breeze nowadays, I love putting it over an outfit! It's large on me which I love the style of, it makes it look very casual. It's definitely an outfit I would wear out but feel completely comfortable in it.

Despite what others say I think you should wear what you want, there is nothing more annoying than someone stereotyping an item to make you feel as if you can't wear it! Wear whatever you want and feel awesome!

What do you think to this outfit? Have you ever felt a certain way about an outfit because of something someone said?

Until next time guys,