5 Mar 2017

  I absolutely love the blogging community, everyone is so supportive and full of love, and it’s amazing to talk to people with the same interest as your own as well as read their blogs, so I feel nervous to write this post because I’m probably going to come across to some people as a dick. I hope if you’re a blogger you can relate to this instead of seeing me as a bitter lady, but every time I’ve sat down to write this is all I’ve wanted to write for a while now!

I’ve been fashion blogging now for almost seven years (Jesus) my blog Heartshapedbones nearly three years old and I’ve started to notice as I get more involved with the blogging community, grow my networking and gain more experience, that it’s incredibly hard to protect your originality! When planning this post out I did originally write that originality just isn’t a thing in the fashion blogging community, but really it’s me that’s having a problem, I’m finding it so hard to protect my originality and it’s made me discover a new level of anger in myself.

 I’m sick of seeing the same old looks everywhere on the internet, I love bloggers who really step up the genre, their personal styles so ahead of the times, different and creates such a strong authenticity to their blogs (a few examples of fashion bloggers I love because of their original looks is FOXTAILZ, SALTANDCHIC, THEVELVETBLACK, LEHAPPY). If these fashion bloggers can keep their style so real and original, why can’t everyone else? Why do certain bloggers completely rip off others, why do they literally post a look the day after another has done the exact same thing? I see it all the time on Twitter and Bloglovin, half of the time I don’t even tend to click the look because it’s so similar to another bloggers who I’ve seen previously! I know that blogging involves keeping with the times and trends because they tend to be the most accessible, even with having an alternative style I’m following a certain trend at the moment, but we can do so much more to not basically copy others looks. That’s what it is at the end of the day, I understand people own similar clothes when that particular piece is on trend, but it gets ridiculous when the only difference in an outfit is it’s a different coloured striped top than the blogger who originally posted the look. I did a whole study on authenticity in art school and I do believe that nothing is original, but your personal style is unique in itself, so it’s as clear as a yellow bus when someone rips off another bloggers look. I instantly think of the effort the first person put in that look, the excitement of putting together that outfit, just to have another blogger who publishes the same style of fashion rip off your post. To put it blunt I feel that it’s like stealing content, copying another’s work because somehow it’s so hard to come up with your own original looks.

When looking at these fashion blogs and doing what we all kick ourselves about, comparing my own blog to them, I always hope that my looks come across original like theirs do. I never take to the internet for inspiration with my clothing which I think is why my blog works, I always put together an outfit purely through what I've been loving at the moment, what makes me comfortable or what I've recently bought, so following any online trend doesn't really apply here. I do read blogs and think omg I love that piece of fashion, but I never go out to buy it, I'll always browse around for something similar but something more myself to really put my mark on it! I think it's that mind frame that annoys me so much about other bloggers ripping off looks, and for most of the last year I've had my looks ripped off over and over. I love to see originality in blogging and on my own blog, so to have my own originality copied makes me start to resent fashion blogging. 
 When I say I've had my looks ripped off over and over, I don't just mean the clothing I share in my outfit posts on my blog. I mean my look, my appearance has been copied but the backstory makes it down right creepy. Hairstyles go in and out of fashion, trends I get it, but when you wake up one morning and someone's suddenly dyed their hair and cut it EXACTLY like yours? I'm a huge believer in each to their own and people can do what they want, but when I have friends, other bloggers constantly messaging me like 'omg thought this was you', 'look at this it's so weird that you both look exactly the same now' it eventually started to wind me up when I noticed it for myself, I could post something and within the next couple of hours the same would pop up on their twitter or blog. I felt like I was going mad but it was others that showed me weird similarities, but now as they're a fashion blogger it just boils my blood. I work hard on my content, I take pride in my outfit posts because I put so much effort into them, the quality, my clothing, my look so that people like to read my blog. It hurts to have some rip that off, I want people to come to my blog because they get something they can't get anywhere else, but that leads me to a sad realisation that in fashion blogging there's less places you can find that originality any more. We all work with the same brands at the same time, we all go for the obvious seasonal trends because we're relatable as people! Everyone wears clothes, in winter we wear layers, in summer we wear dresses, styling clothes off the high street means the same items are going to crop up on every ones blogs. I get that I really do, but I think it's all down to how you style it and it pisses me off seeing my exact outfit AND words being used.  
 What I'm trying to say is I'm sick to death of having to almost 'protect' my originality from other bloggers and I bet I'm not just the only one who feels like this. When we're on the internet putting ourselves out there as influencers, people are going to get inspired. I love that people get inspired, I just hate 'fashion bloggers' who steal content and pretend that the look is truly themselves when it's just going with the online trends they probably only follow because it's what people want to see. Don't do something because it's popular, do it because it's truly who you are as a person. I don't believe for a second the bloggers who I see copying others are legit, they're trying to be that 'fashion blogger' which has been stereotyped to someone who gets sent clothes and is so cool and looks as if they put minimal effort in but get lots of rewards. I work my ass off because I love my blog and I want others to love it too, so it'd be fantastic if I didn't have to worry about my content getting ripped off.

I know this is a rant but I had to get it off my chest finally, hopefully you can relate or at least agree. I love fashion blogging so despite how sour this post is, I do want to share love and support everyone! A little on my outfit, I found this beautiful shirt dress in the sale for only £3 so I had to put in my two sense into how to style it! With any type of shirt dress I automatically think of cowboy hats and biker boots, so I grabbed my floppy and my trusty buckle boots. I love how instead of just being a leopard printed dress it has actual leopards on it, their eyes being a blue to add a pop of colour to the print! It's something completely different for me but I had so much fun putting this look together.


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