I'm constantly wearing one brand

10 May 2017

I find myself nowadays constantly wearing one brand, which if you haven't guessed it already is H&M! I work full time currently in one of their stores in York, which is actually going to be changing at the end of this week because from next week I'll not only be moving stores but I'll officially start my training to be a manager! I'm super excited, it's such a big opportunity and I feel as if it's the perfect step for me because I generally not only love working for H&M but I'm passionate about the clothing they sell. When it comes to H&M there's always something I want, I found this well back when I was just a customer, but I always managed to pick out a full outfit and then just a top or dress here and there in other stores. I have faith in the business I work for, because lets face it their products are so bloody good! Great value for money, always keeping up with trends and right now I am going mad for the Spring/Summer range that is coming in every week. I feel so comfortable in this weather bringing out all the white clothing again, they had almost retired last winter but finally I feel so refreshed to be wearing them again. I love Spring, this time of year is full of inspiration, flowers blooming, the sunshine popping through and most of all it starts to fill me with happiness again having the promise of a warm day and fresh air. It makes me smile so much walking home at 'night' when it's still light and I can smell the evening settling in, birds singing, people walking their dogs or getting home to start to wind down. I love Spring days but I love Summer nights, which are well on their way with it getting brighter and brighter each evening. The weather at the moment is slightly warm but still holds that cold breeze sometimes, so I've been wearing layers but in quite a styled, light way.


I won't lie, I feel slightly terrified about leaving York and the store where I've basically become the person at work I want to be. I love York, it will always be one of my favourite cities because its where a lot of life changing events happened for me. University, work, friendships, Joel, our first home, our first pets, I feel an attachment to York so to leave the last thing tying me there well...it's sad. But happy. I'm so fortunate to have this opportunity to step up in my field and I'm raring to go! I see it as a new adventure, a different city to create ties and memories, which will be awesome in such an interesting city such as Leeds.
Before working for H&M I found I always bought a lot of their clothes, which means my life hasn't changed that much because I still do now...just with discount. I always treat myself a little each pay day and I know I need to stop because I don't need this much pieces of clothing, but when I see a shirt or pair of shoes I like, they nip at me every day I see them on the shop floor till I buy them. I've been doing really good lately if I'm honest where I've been able to find some really good bargains because we always have reductions in sale and offers on, so the odd full price item doesn't keep my sweating as I pull out my bank card. I actually found this Leather Jacket thanks to another fashion blogger! They mentioned that they'd taken a full price jacket to the till and it'd gone into sale for only £7! I mentioned it to the team and we scouted out the jackets which to our amazements had gone into sale so of course I bought it. I got a larger size so I could pull off the 'Buffy wearing Angels leather jacket' look with a cute small dress, but now I wear it day to day for layering! It's amazing what you can find in sale.
As for the rest of my outfit, I bought the skirt last summer to jump about the Aline train and I actually had it in mind when I purchased this floaty blouse last week! I love how simple yet light looking this top is, it's pretty sheer so I do dress it with a knitted white bralet or just a plain white bra. I have been daring and worn it with one of my really pretty triangle bras, but sometimes I don't want people staring at my chest on show all day. The ruffles on the shoulder are super cute!

As for my shoes these are definitely my new 'I wear them every day all day they are my favourites' pair! I always find shoes that I literally will wear to death and then after a couple of months they end up breaking, which is super sad but it then leaves me with the painful job of finding a more sturdier pair. After seeing these little buckled babies which yes weren't exactly cheap, I thought to myself it was worth the investment because if I wear them every day they should be able to with stand me charging around for a longer length of time than if I purchased some on the cheap!

I haven't taken photographs of my outfits in a while so if you didn't notice already not only am I growing out my fringe but I also refreshed the green ends of my hair! I tried a different dye which has turned out amazing, there's a teal tint to how it looks which I love. I've had a fringe since I was fifteen so I thought a change was long over due!

My lipstick is the shade 'Beeper' from Colourpop!

What is your favourite highstreet store? Bought any absolute bargains recently?

Until next time guys,