Outfit of the day: Dressing things differently

7 May 2017

Last night I finally took the plunge to sort out all of the clothing taking up not only our wardrobe but all the boxes under the bed too and by god did I find some golden oldies I'd long forgotten! I managed to throw a lot away and add a couple to my pile of things to sell, but in the progress of sorting it all out I really evaluated just what I had in my wardrobe. Lately I've felt like I have nothing and have had to hold myself back from spending because I know this just isn't the case! I have so much clothing and admittedly I find it hard to throw things away, but recently I've been sponging the same four or five looks because honestly I've not been doing well, anything. I go to work and then go to bed. On my days off I spend them with Joel or family so it's casual gear, nothing new which explains my lack of fresh new outfit posts lately. After sorting out my wardrobe I found not only did I have some new pieces to style but I had some of my favourites which must of just fallen to the back somewhere, so I thought why not try to revive them with a slightly different style than I had back when!

I've styled this piece before on my blog here which surprise is actually a dress! In my efforts to style items differently I thought I'd take something out of season and mesh it into my cold spring wardrobe, and I've never really thought to turn such a detailed dress into basically a top. I love off the shoulder pieces, they're one of my favourite trends, this one by Sammydress having incredibly fun detailing which adds something special to an easy effort outfit. It's not been a warm spring so far so I've been wearing a black pair of comfy jeans with practically everything, this cut being called 'booty fit' which I feel fits my figure perfectly! I love a little leg room in jeans because of the style, mom jean style but with a little more fitting. I've never really worn them in a dressed up manor with a belt like I have, but with tying in a luxury bag I wanted to style myself a little different than usual. I decided to pair these jeans with this dress tucked in purely because the 'top' has a second layer, the first being fitted where as the second really brings the detail!


We have to say goodbye to these shoes, Baxter chewed them up the following day but they served me so well the entire time I worked & lived in York!

My favourite part of my outfit definitely is the bag sent over to me by Marc B, not only is it sophisticated but it makes me feel good owning a smarter bag. If I want to dress up an outfit I can pair this with it and have a more 'luxury look' which in fact as opened me up to the other side of my wardrobe where I can dress fancier pieces for an every day occasion. I love that you can change the chain to either have it on two which is shorter and one to have it long & over the shoulder, grey being a good choice because it's different!

I feel just lately with my outfit posts that I'm running out of what to show because to me my wardrobe is all the same. It gives me a little light at the end of the tunnel that I can dress things I have different and get an entirely new look!

Until next time guys,

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