A Top Up End of Season Lush Haul

20 Aug 2017

Back when I lived in the city I walked past the Lush store in York literally every day, a number of times a month I'd pop in to keep my little Lush basket at home 'topped up', so it's been a strange couple now that we don't live in a city to never really treat myself. I love Lush not only because of their awesome products but their brands ethic, Lush cares for not only humans but animals and the earth, it's a brand definitely worth giving your money to! Hoping into the Doncaster store was completely by surprise, Joel and I we're in town earning for somewhere to grab a quick lunch and I thought hey why not, lets have a look at whats new. I used to keep a constant eye on Lush to see what campaigns they had running and products, but I haven't even really seen any bloggers talking about anything to do with this summer at Lush. I thought it was about time to have a look at the summer products, pick up some new and old faithfuls as a little treat! 

sex bomb bath bomb,
I will always go straight to the bath bombs when I come into Lush, even with how much I've branched out in products to even use their hair conditioner bars, I still always need a few good bombs in my bathroom. I was surprised to see the sex bomb bath bomb as I just assumed it was something brought out around valentines day, I usually get a few of these in winter to keep me going so it was nice to be able to pop a bomb I love into my basket. The scent is soothing to me as I love the smell of rose which something extra, the foam from it feels amazing on my skin when I'm in the bath! 

Rocket science bath bomb,
I'm guessing this is a popular one at the moment because it was right next to the till and totally was that last second throw into the basket purchase! At under £3 I thought why not try it for something so cheap?! It has an unexpected scent of lemon and apparently is a slow burner which I love, so you can literally pop it into the bath and watch it turn your bath a lovely blue. I really dislike sharp smells but this once definitely is subtle and I have faith it will make a relax bath!

Sunny side bubble bar, 
So I totally went for this one because it reminded me of the golden egg which is one of my favourite easter products at Lush, but when I saw it was a bubble bar it got me extra excited! I get the goodness of a glittery and buttery product for longer because with a bar you just pick off chunks to pop in the bath! I used it straight away when I got home and I loved the result, a soft feeling bath, even though there wasn't that much glitter in the water. I the products which are buttery in the water because it leaves my skin feeling extra soft when I get out. 


The comforter bubble bar,
The comforter has to be my number one favourite product at Lush (which I'm sure a lot of people  can agree with) it's soft, smells amazing a lot like snow fairy and is the first product I suggest to newbies when they don't know what to go for. I always find myself topping up on this one every time I go in, without fail I always add it to my bath and a little goes along way because the bar is huge. It turns your bath a beautiful pink colour and smells gorgeous. I always love to massage the foams into my skin for that extra soft feel whilst having a soak!

I really need to get myself into Lush more often, I'm sure I will once Autumn hits because it's my favourite time of year to grab Halloween special products! What is your favourite Lush product at the moment? Anything you suggest me to try?

Until next time guys,

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