Styling a little striped number this summer

15 Aug 2017

Fun little fact, minutes before my sister took these photographs for me a couple of creepy village men (more like cave men jesus) we're leering at my sixteen year old sister a little way too much, so I confronted them and sent them packing. Girl power! Like seriously what creeps. Hello everyone! I honestly thought that here in the UK we were in for a better summer than we have had, it's been nothing but over cast skies and it's showered at least once every day just to make you feel more like you don't want to leave the house. The weathers been terrible, but sometimes an over cast sky can work in your favour, especially as a blogger when it comes to trying to get the perfect outfit shot.

With the weather being a little off I haven't reached for a dress lately, It's been nothing but jeans and a band shirt so it's refreshing to have Zan Style send me something a little out of my usual style but definitely a summer staple!

I always tend to struggle in summer, it's hard to wear an all black combo when its sweating season, so I always do a little experimenting with my wardrobe. I usually just wear what I want, and one style I never turn down is a striped number. I love items that are striped, I have a pile miles high of striped t-shirts, but upon inspection I don't have a dress! I feel incredibly 'sailor' in this off the shoulder shirt dress* that Zan Style sent me, their brand offering a unique style whilst also keeping it quite modern! 

I think I picked the perfect location for this shoot to really bring the sailor vibes, this little lock is just in my village and if you continue walking down the canal path for just under an hour you'd reach my home growing us as a child! I love that I don't live in a big city, theres something peaceful about the country, even if others don't understand what the hell you're doing getting some outfit snaps on a bridge.

There's a number of features which I think makes this dress unique, it changes up the typical shirt dress which I think is worth the value price of Zan Style's items. I love not only the buttons running down the dress, but the shoulder hoops which has adjustable bows to hold the top half up. The dress comes in two colour options and even though these photographs don't show the colour too clearly, this dress is actually white with grey stripes. 

I think theres something feminine about the dress despite it being a straight cut, it's a simple way of dressing yourself without having to put in too much effort because the dress* does all the talking. I paired it with a simple necklace and then some wooden heeled clogs, ready for a few drinks at a cute pub by the water. 

I definitely think a striped dress is a staple for summer because you can wear it both dressed up in the day time for a meal with friends and at night if you want to hit the bars. I do love my more casual/alternative wear, but sometimes it's nice to just get dressed up and feel like a woman. 

Thank you so much Zan Style, definitely check them out for some modern but unique fashion! I love it when a brand has good quality pieces, their items really stand out in your wardrobe.

Until next time guys,

(any item marked with * was given to me for free by a brand in exchange for a blog post. All opinions and words are honest and my own)

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