The Under Rated Shirt Dress

4 Aug 2017

Ok I'll be honest, I thought this dress was going to be white so when it turned up in this Aqua shade i was a little confused and also really apprehensive about putting it on. I kept staring at it thinking 'jesus I've got to take photos for a brand in this when I don't even know if it'll look good on me' but pleasantly to my surprise I think the off white shade actually really suits me! got in touch with me and I jumped at the chance to style some of their items as their website always intrigued me. Good quality for cheap prices? Who doesn't love a bargain! we're having a little weather problem in the UK at the moment with it having a little shower pretty much every day and a constant grey cloud hovering above, so I wanted to go for something which whilst remaining perfect for summer was also going to cover me up a little for the cold weather to come.  

Shirt dress* - everything5pounds (similar dresses) // Belt - NEXT // Bag - NEXT // Clog Heeled Sandals* - everything5pounds 

A shirt dress isn't a style I would usually go for, but when I saw that this dress*(out of stock but here are similar) had a little something special with the crochet detailing down the sides and back I really wanted to try it on! I find in summer I tend to branch out from my usual black outfits to try out new things, and an over sized shirt dress is definitely different for me. I always worry that outfits like this will bury me because of my size, but I always a trusty thick black belt to pinch in my waist to give my outfit a little shape. I do have curves, so I didn't want the straight down length of the dress to drown me. As for the colour I think a little aqua blue is cooling, it's not as crisp as white but with a brown nude lip and my pale skin it made me feel a little more grown up. I'm a 23 year old woman, I like to feel womanly sometimes in the clothes I wear. 

Sometimes I hate moving away from my niche, so I always find myself adding black accessories for comfort! I love how contrasting both the bag and belt look, as well as me going back to black I think the dress is a subtle but bold piece. Shoe wise I wanted to maintain my 'grown up dressed theme' and I've always wanted some wooden clog style heels*, so when I saw these beauties on I knew they'd be so practical because they're a comfortable dressing up shoe. I can pair them with jeans or a dress like this and feel more ready to go out, having faith my feet are going to be comfy all night. They're retro with a dark wood finish which I love!

I was originally going to pair this look with these Holographic silver platform shoes* but I loved the way the outfit looked with the clogs! These shoes were also sent by Everything5pounds and I have to say they're like nothing I've seen being worn on the internet! I love how different they are, having a high platform but then also being a chunky brogue. They're smart looking but also fun with the popular holographic trend.

Have you ordered anything from what are you loving on their site at the moment?

Until next time guys,

(This post was in collaboration with, clothing marked * was given in exchange for a blog post. All words are truthful and my own.)

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