Transitioning into Autumn and why I'm loving keeping comfy

29 Aug 2017

This is not a drill, it's the last day before September so AUTUMN IS HERE! Well, officially in my eyes it's here. We haven't had much of summer here in the UK and even though the sun does keep peeping it's head out from the clouds, so does the rain. There's nothing I love more than this time of year because it's time to start transitioning into Autumn, light jackets are coming back out, there's a wind in the air that's getting me excited because it means leaves are gonna start falling, the boots are going to come out and walks where I snuggle into my scarf is about to happen. Of course I'm getting excited super early, we're a day away from September but I just can't wait to be able to read autumnal themed posts, see orange everywhere in photos and just get on board with the early nights.
When taking these photos my sister and I went for a little walk around the woodland area and seasonally everything seemed to be changing, I definitely sensed it was time to start transition away from the summer clothes in our Autumn wear and I definitely want to keep it as comfort as possible.

At the moment I'm in that phase of it still being warm enough to have your legs out, but I definitely want to be covered with some layers. I didn't show it here but I've actually been wearing this outfit with a baggy dark denim jacket, so I definitely think summer is leaving us sooner than planned this year. I've been wearing this outfit non stop recently, whether it's changing up the t-shirt or adding other layers, I've been loving the pinafore combo and this one was definitely a bargain. For only £12 I found this burgundy cord pinafore in Primark, and it's the pinafore of my dreams because it's what I've always wanted. I remember looking at an over priced pinafore like this a couple of years ago in Topshop, now for such a good value for money I have myself a piece in my wardrobe I've wanted for YEARS.

I've been styling this pinafore a number of ways but my favourite is with a striped t-shirt, something very casual and I have so many I can literally just alternate which shirt to dress this with. Working from home means I love to dress comfortably, and now that its getting to layering up weather I just think to myself I really cannot be bothered with putting in too much effort. I think layering up something with a pinafore is super easy but creates 'a look' that you can pass of as putting in effort for.

burgundy cord pinafore - Primark . White striped t-shirt - H&M . Floppy sun hat - Boohoo . Studded boots - H&M .

I dislike so much having to put on a pair of tights so I think this Autumn I'm going to try to get away with long skirts and culottes, but this pinafore is definitely not going away with my summer wardrobe. I think burgundy is the perfect transitional colour because for me it really does suit all seasons, I'm going to gradually pair it with longer shirts and definitely a fur coat for when the cold really hits.

I really do love this time of year, I'm happy for the sun to peak out in the late afternoons and I can't wait to go back exploring in the woodlands around my village with my camera again! We came across some little tree gardens, it was so peaceful and beautiful. I love country life.

What clothing are going to be your transitional pieces? Fan of Autumn too? Lets get ready!

Until next time guys,

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