Eco Cosmetics: For Tattoo Lovers Review

5 Sept 2017

I'll be honest, I can be a bit of a mare when it comes to looking after my tattoos once the heeling process is done. I'll go through inconsistent periods of using products to look after them, using creams to brighten them, sun creams in the summer or just moisturiser to keep them fresh. If I feel like a good pamper I'll go to town on my tattoos and give them some TLC, other wise I tend to do nothing for them in ways of protecting them. I think my problem is I never know if the products I use are doing anything. Unless I do my research and buy a cream purposely for my tattoos like a brightening cream, I have no clue if it's doing anything to protect my tattoos, so when Eco Cosmetics got in touch to introduce their range of products for tattoos, I jumped straight on board to put them to the test! 

'For Tattoo Lovers' is a range of products which gives intensive colour protection and care for tattooed skin! The brand state that they use traditional knowledge of tattoos to develop a range of care products, selecting ingredients which benefit your tattooed skin like Noni, Pomegranate and other citrus fruits which don't wash out the colour from your skin. It also contains pantheon and bisabolol so that you can start using these products once the redding and scabbing has cleared from your tattoos. 

Tattoo Sun Lotion SPF 30 Mineral Sun Protection

For me this will be the product I use more infrequently due to weather, etc, but is definitely the most important one! I am ALWAYS forgetting to put sun lotion on period and especially with me having tattooed skin this is probably a habit I need to fall out of. Don't be an idiot like me, if you have tattoos definitely protect them when the sun is out because it's only going to fade them out and cause you grief in the long run. 

The Tattoo Sun Lotion* has the natural properties of Noni and pomegranate, which definitely gives the cream a citrusy scent! At first I thought it definitely smelt like lemons (also like the smell of sprite pop!!) which is gorgeous if you're popping it onto your skin throughout the day. The cream is also water resistant! A little really goes along way with the creams, as you can see from these sets of photographs when applied to my tattoos the sun lotion* gave really good coverage and whilst faded my tattoos, definitely provided a thick coat to protect them from the sun. 

Tattoo Body Lotion

This is definitely the product I will be using most and already after a couple of days of use is now apart of my night time routine! At this time of year my skin starts to go dry, it's like the smallest cold wind and my skin (especially on my face) just goes nope. Dry skin now till spring, so the tattoos especially on my legs always need an extra bit of TLC. The Tattoo body lotion* again contains Noni and pomegranate, but also pantheon to protect the colour in your tattoos! Even with just black tattoos I still want them to be fresh with the colour black as possible, so to have something that daily is going to brighten them up is fantastic! This to protects your skin from daily rays with a SPF of 10, reducing the bleaching effect the sun can give your tattoo! I would hate for any of my tattoos to fade as my oldest one is only five years old. I applied the lotion and once again a little goes a long way, the texture is so creamy and smells amazing again! I felt the cream on for a minute before rubbing into my skin and literally my tattoo felt refreshed on the spot. Even hours after where I applied the lotion feels moisturous still. 

 Tattoo Shower Gel 

Even better, the brand has provided a shower gel* to really make sure you're protecting your skin at all times of day! Id say a shower gel is pretty straight forward to describe, it cleans and moisturises your skin, the tattoo shower gel* cleansing gently to again protect the colour of your tattoos. It contains the same ingredients as the body lotion which makes me feel really comfortable that i'll be looking after my tattoos constantly from showering to pampering myself. 

I'd definitely say I'm a little clueless when it comes to tattoo care after the healing process, so being introduced to a brand like Eco Cosmetics is an eye opener! I'll definitely be topping up once I use up these bottles! 

Do you look after your tattoos regularly or infrequent? Have you used Eco Cosmetics before? 

Until next time guys,

(Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for free for the exchange of a blog post. All opinions and words are my own. Anything marked with a * I received from this brand)

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