Getting My Grunge On ~ Harleys & Tartan

28 Sept 2017

I've never felt so much more like myself than in this outfit and if I'm honest, it was completely thrown together at the last minute because recently I've been having an absolute mare with styling items for my blog. Hey, hi there, welcome to another fashion lookbook and it's definitely a comfortable look for myself. When it comes to the outfits I share on my blog I've never really had a problem with finding inspiration or putting together my outfits here on Heartshapedbones, but as the weather becomes colder I've definitely found myself hitting a stump where I don't have a clue what to show on my blog. I shot three different outfits the day before this one and hated each one of them, despite them being outfits I wear all the time lately. There was just something about each one that didn't interest me. They looked strange, like it wasn't my style and if I'm honest I don't think they were because I 100% put them together with wanting to make my outfits look different for the sake of a blog post photograph. Try to force an outfit never works, for me anyways it just seems fake, like I've pushed too hard to make something look good when in reality it just doesn't look right on me. It was hard when editing the three sets of photos to not want to cry because it was a total waste, but I pushed on, went out the next day in an outfit I LOVE and shot some photos that I really like. It's definitely one of my favourite outfits recently!

One thing that's contributed to me finding it incredibly hard to shoot an outfit photograph lately is definitely my work attire, which is the most casual, not styled thing I've ever been able to wear to a work environment. I work in an office which is situated in a warehouse where I work with vintage clothing, so I definitely don't need to dress up in any way shape or form. In fact with it becoming colder I've been piling on the layers, so comfortable trousers and a jumper have been sponge worn each week. We even wear coats at our office chairs sometimes when it's freezing, so I'm definitely not going to take inspiration from wearing minimum makeup and freezing my bootie off in some scuffed converse. I that even a look? It's not, so then when it comes to piecing together an outfit to shoot it's become quite hard. When I used to work in retail I was always buying new clothes, styling outfits that I thought were quite fashionable because in a way it mattered what I looked like because we wanted customers to feel like we were nice people to buy from. Business minded yes, but that's why companies get their employees to buy their clothing. Nowadays I don't buy new clothes, I'm currently on a spending ban to save for a big holiday away in America (as well as my wedding) so yeah, I'm drawing blanks when I want to show you guys what I've been wearing at the moment if I'm honest.

Harley Motorbike T-shirt ~ Spanish Market . Mesh Polka-dot Top ~ H&M . Green Tartan Trousers ~ Ebay .  Strap Sandals ~ Missguided .  

This outfit however feels so completely natural, a pair of highwaist trousers and a simple t-shirt is always my go to for when I want comfort and I love how this combination gives off such grunge goth vibes. I've worn the combination of mesh tops underneath band t-shirt before, but this is definitely the favourite pairing I've put together. Even though I have a small frame I like having baggy t-shirts, probably due to because I can't get any to fit snug unless they're from the childrens section... but I think this combination gives off the goth vibes you're used to seeing here on my blog. Is there such a thing as a soft, casual goth? I really wanted to give the look some sort of edge, so I decided to grunge it up with this tartan trousers I found on Ebay! Absolute bargain. I was unsure how to style them as I just don't want to look like an idiot, but of course styling them with black for me is always a comfort. I don't feel too 'out there' but at the same time I think this look has an edgy style that fits with my alternative niche. 

I could only imagine styling the trousers quite smart so I'm happy I've found a way to wear them which is perfect for in the day if I was going to work or if I just wasn't to run my errands from home.

I love it when an outfit has been staring you in the face in your wardrobe and you only just put it together! It means I didn't have to spend any money on buying anything new and I feel so comfortable in the items. Whats your go to comfortable outfit? If you see any more tartan trousers which are a bargain send this girl that way! 

Until next time guys,

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