Giving an on trend item your own personal style

21 Sept 2017

When I first started out blogging it took me a while to really join the blogging community. I followed a few blogs that I still read today, but I rarely used twitter and when I did it was just to see what celebs and my hometown friends were doing. On Instagram I followed a lot more art accounts because it's what I love and 'bigger' bloggers or ladies on Lookbook because I loved their style. I got inspired from Lookbook and Instagram every day which was so useful when I didn't know what to really share on my blog, now I definitely have so much more self confidence and through blogging I've found my personal style. Don't get me wrong I love browsing through social media and platform like Lookbooks when I think to myself 'Hey I wonder what I'll wear tomorrow I'm feeling a little uninspired with my wardrobe' but I do pride myself on knowing my style and wearing what I want. With being an alternative blogger I don't particularly follow the trends splurged across the internet telling us what to buy, but I do follow a particular style of clothing that a lot of other alt bloggers follow too. We buy the same things from time to time, but especially this year there's been items featured on every ones blogs and I guess that makes it an on trend piece. It's weird because I don't purchase clothing to just blog about them, but when it becomes apart of your lifestyle to share what you purchase, it puts me off buying something that everyone already has. Some might jump to the internet to buy the hot item, but for me I just don't want to also be one of those people who are wearing the same thing. My personal style is unique to myself, I want my blog to portray that, not what's flying off the shelves at that particular time.

Gingham dress - Primark . Illustrated Tote Bag - Etsy . Boat shoes - Primark .

Keeping that in mind, it means I've missed out on items that I've really wanted to purchase just because I've not wanted to look the same as someone else. It seems dumb and I should wear whatever the hell I want, but there's also the thing of when its sold out that item isn't going to be easy to get a hold of anymore. That's how I felt about this Gingham dress that's from Primark of all places! Everyone snatched it up because not only is it cheap but Primark is so accessible, it's a bargain and a print that definitely never goes out of fashion. I never managed to go into store to get one, but when I started to see blogger after blogger post looks in the dress within the space of a week I decided against the purchase. I'm a fashion blogger so of course when I buy something I want to style it and put it up on my blog, so I just didn't want to join the hype and also put up my look. I hope this is coming across in an understandable way and I do know how silly I am for not just buying the dress. Primark of course sold out and another item took the Gingham dresses place, but it's one purchase I felt sad about not making.

A couple of weeks ago I was browsing through Ebay and came across someone selling the dress in exactly my size! How quickly I bought it really showed how much I did actually want the dress and it's sort of given me a new perspective; just buy and wear whatever you damn well want. I care about what people see on my blog because I want you guys to enjoy my content, but if I don't do what I want then I'm not being myself. I get that it can be boring seeing the same types of bloggers do the same styled looks, but hopefully you come to my blog to see it styled differently because my personal style is unique to myself.

Talking a little about the dress, I absolutely love the fit and how good quality the smock dress is when it's just from Primark! I love a smock dress, the shape is flattering on all types of bodies and for me I love how it almost buries my frame. I feel well covered and my favourite feature has to be the frilly sleeves. I love it when you can feel smart or dressed up just with one item of clothing, so this dress is definitely one of my favourite go-tos at the moment. I've worn it out to breakfast, to the pub and even to work; its versatile. I can see why everyone loves the dress because it really is a winner.

The over all message I want to convey is definitely wear what you want and take no notice of what everyone else is doing. Support them and love yourself.

Have you ever not bought something because everyone online already has it?

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