Lets catch up, a little life update! Dream job? Kitties & Steps

18 Sept 2017

Hello everyone! The last time I did a life update it came at a very weird time of my life, despite it literally only being two months ago that I wrote it. A lot was going on and even afterwards so much more has happened, but life couldn't be better right now so I thought I would give y'all another little update as to what I've been up to! 

I think I left off with me quitting my job and starting my own independent business Witchcrafts which has exceeded my expectations of how I thought it was going to get off the ground! I'm amazed and truly thankful to everyone who's supporting me or has ordered from my store, it really has allowed me to hit new levels of my creativity. I've created prints I've had in my head for months, projects like my bundles and autumn ranges, even t-shirts which I'm going to be making plenty more of very soon! As an artist I feel like I've really come into my own with what I've been producing and especially with it being a huge leap to go full steam ahead with my own business, it really makes me feel like it's the right choice with the great response it's had so far. It makes me feel like it's the right path I'm meant to be on, rather than dying on some shop floor doing something I was slowly started to despise. So again thankyou. Thank you to anyone who has ordered, has liked my work, shared it, or even just had a look at what I've been up to on my store I couldn't appreciate it enough.   

I'll start with the most exciting news; I WENT AND GOT MYSELF POSSIBLY MY DREAM JOB!!! Whilst I'm writing this I will of been at work for two days now and my god I love it so much. I wasn't going out of my way to look for a job but when I came across the online advert for an online assistant for a vintage company it just sounded so right to me. The job description sounded like just my cup of tea and I can confirm I absolutely love it so much! I get to  shoot models, prep the clothing, edit, sort emails and I'm even going to be working with their social media and blog to really step up the game! I love being able to offer my skills like that because I love to do those things, for me its the best thing about blogging so to be able to edit photos for a job?! I'm a very happy girl. I actually did my first shoot today with a model and the experience was incredible, it felt so good to be behind a camera because I actually do have qualifications in photography, so it's nice to actually do something with it. I find myself coming up with so many ideas that I can push forward once I start doing stuff with their social media, lookbooks, etc. It feels weird to say I'm back in a full time position but I generally can't think of a more perfect job for me, the team are lovely and the commute is nothing!

Even though I loved working for myself from home my business is still just starting, and despite there being a freedom of working for yourself, it's terribly lonely. I told myself I wouldn't get a job unless it was something stepping into the right direction for me, which this definitely is. So outta the blue but I really cant express enough how much I already love the job. It feels so good to be around people again if I'm honest, getting dressed and leaving the house for a change! My business is growing and it'll get to the point where I'll need to be working for myself more, but for now I can manage both, as well as blogging, so I had to take the chance at a job of my dreams.

WE GOT A CUTE LITTLE KITTY CAT! After having to get rid of our doggie this year it's been lonely in the house, so Joel and I both decided if we couldn't have a pouch then we'd try to get a cat! Even with me going back to work you can leave a cat to handle itself in the day, where as a dog needs either crate training or someone to look after it. A cat is the type of animal we need right now, so we found a breeder and now we have new addition to our family! Mr Barry is the cutest cat I've ever seen, he's black & white, a massive fur ball and is so attached to both Joel and I. He literally follows us everywhere, he sleeps with us, always wants to nap on my desk whilst I'm working and just is great company without the hassle (I feel bad saying hassle) but a dog needs so much care that we just didn't have time to do. I love Barry, he's just a little kitty who has just figured out that wet food is heaven and he explored the garden the other day!

WE BOOKED A BIG AMERICAN HOLIDAY! This one was definitely on a whim, but something my boyfriend and I have wanted to do forever. We popped into a holiday agency to check out/price up some ideas we had of going away, settling on not only going to Las Vegas, but then traveling to LA and then finishing off with a couple of days in San Francisco! We'd originally just wanted to look at Las Vegas but after looking at how easy it was to get to these other places, we thought we just to because San Francisco is somewhere I've always wanted to go! We've been looking at all the food places we can go and it's getting me so excited, but then I remember how much money I now need to save up in ten months and panic sets in. We're also thinking of getting married in Vegas, it's something we've been discussing for a while now and why not, it'll be so perfect to just do it just the two of us, then spend the rest of the holiday almost like a honey moon. Joel and I are quite laid back, so this will be perfect instead of all the stress a wedding creates especially with if we had to throw a big blow out, we wouldn't be able to do it for years due to money.  

As for my store, I have so many plans for new stock and especially with Christmas creeping up I'm going to be launching a bunch of things! There will be a Halloween range, Christmas range, more t-shirts and hopefully d├ęcor!

I really like doing this updates every few months because if you don't follow me over on social media, it's a great way to read what I've been up to. I really want to get back into doing monthly videos where I document what I've been doing each month, maybe starting next month again!

Until next time guys,

I've just launched my own independent business so here is my shop too : Witchcrafts