1 Sept 2017

So apart from doing a DIY or two here on Heartshapedbones, I've never really shared any of my artwork and only a couple of weeks ago I started posting on my art stores blog (what is wrong with me art is my life?!!!) I don't have an answer to why I've never brought art to my blog, but I thought it was about time especially since I had something really exciting to share with yall!


I love this time of year because it makes me feel good, I love the fashion, the weather, events that happen and just the over all warmth that everyone brings to their homes to beat the cold, so I thought I'd do my bit and create some artwork to create the perfect autumn aura for your home. Get your candles burning, hang up some art on your wall and get snuggled with some hot chocolate! On my blogging platforms I put so much effort into this time of year so I wanted to be creative in some other way so I created an autumn range, warm tones, oranges, burnt browns, bats, if I could of painted a realistic scene of the sun set in autumn I would, but that's the vibes I was basically trying to create with all the pieces I've released.

Just recently I've loved working in watercolour and I think it's come at the perfect time, because I'm very new to creating pieces of colour but I love the end result of how water colour works. You can blend, change colours, shade so easily but it's also been incredibly fun to just sit down with some paint and now know how the end piece will look. With pen I map out the lines I'm working with, so with watercolour I wanted to just experiment with colour and shade as much as I could.

hello autumn

These pieces are inspired by the seasonal Instagram photos that we see every September 1st, 'HELLO AUTUMN' is those flat lays covered in leaves and pumpkins, your favourite instagramers wishing good tides to the season we all love! I straight away knew I wanted to create an hello autumn piece and both of these are available as individual prints! There is another hello autumn print, but it's apart of our monthly bundle (YES I SAID IT A MONTHLY BUNDLE!!)

we love bats bats bats

I'm a huge lover of bats and it makes me so happy that the regular customers at Witchcrafts are too! Everyone loves bats, they're gothic, majestic and super cute if you see them eat a Banana. For me I wanted to have an element that wasn't too Halloweeny because we're only in September, but definitely keeping up the gothic vibes which I create on my store. I decided on bats and just went wild, creating watercolour prints and even bunting. Thats right, I now stock hand crafted bunting. 

Colour is my latest friend and so is digital painting
A very long time ago I started experimenting with painting digitally and it never sat well, so I then found myself when I worked in pen. I've slowly been introducing colour through painting, watercolour etc and now I'm revisiting digital art I love the results! I wanted some witchy themed prints for this launch and I love how colourful they are. I also decided to again tease a little with something Halloween related, I love Hocus Pocus and considering my theme for my store is Witches, I thought who other than the Sanderson sisters fitted perfectly.

Fall Favourites
This print has to definitely be the one I was most excited to create because we all have fall favourites and as a blogger, what better way to show them visually! Luckily a lot of my favourite things in Autumn are everyone else, the fireworks, pumpkins, spiced lattes, cat naps! I wanted to play around some more with digital art and put together a favourites like no other. I might even start illustrating my own favourites each month!

A monthly bundle every month!! This month = Autumn!
Thats right, every month I'm going to be releasing a bundle worth up to £50 and having it discounted each time! Each bundle will be themed and ONLY AVAILABLE THAT MONTH. This months is of course Autumn themed, the total cost of items coming to £40 but I have it on sale for only £20! You get one of my favourite Hocus Pocus drawings, A5 prints and bunting! I made some pumpkin bunting, book marks and a witch craft flag which you can only get in the bundle! 

I am super excited and happy to have now launched my Autumn range! It's now available on my store witchcrafts so go over and give it a little look. I will be releasing a lot more things as the month goes, but here is the bulk of what is to offer this Autumn! Next month of course will be crazy because its Halloween, the shop will be taking a different tone full of the spooky and all things Hallo and eve (different tone my ass)

What do you guys thing? Any suggestions as to what you'd like to see on my store?

Until next time,

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